Sunday, June 02, 2013

Family x My 21st

Second round of my 21st birthday celebration, this time round is with my families.
Truly blessed! Even though I don't have the 21st birthday chalet kind, I'm still
very happy with everything planned. Moreover, I hate chalet, my families and close
friends knew. That's why I highly suggested, no chalet for my 21st please! I would prefer
simple celebration at home with my families and havoc outside with my friends. ;)

Thank you, Mom. For this delicious cake!

Daddy, Me & Mi
My Granny, putting on the gold necklace she got for me.
"The traditional way of celebrating 21st birthday"

Many loves for them!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Blessed 21st ❤

Hi Guys!
As promised, I'm back to blog about my 21st birthday celebration with my cliques.
Had finally entered the life of adulthood! Fret not, I don't feel old and in fact I'm not!
I'll stay forever young and be as havoc as ever! HAHAHA ~

"The Plans"
Literally my cliques and my boyfriend had a plan together, and so the plan goes
like this... We celebrated my birthday in advance on the 23rd of May, I went to meet my
boyfriend in the morning for breakfast and then back to his house to continue with our sleep
so that I can have enough energy for that night. While I was sleeping, my boyfriend actually
took my phone and took Trina's and Darren's mobile no, he then called them up to
understand the plan of the night. When I was up, my boyfriend told me that he's unable
celebrate my birthday tonight as he had already asked his friends out. I was like, WTF?
Why didn't he tell me earlier? And so friend's more important than me now? Hello, it's
my 21st birthday! If it's like 19th or 20th birthday I still can close one eye and say nvm,
go ahead and meet your friends. But this time, its my fucking 21st! Then I just continued
to yell at him, at everything... He then said, I can drive you there, then I meet you after your
birthday celebration? FUCK, what's the point? I was super damn angry so I went to shower.
While preparing, I did not talk to my boyfriend a single word. I left house at 7.15pm as I am
meeting my cliques 8pm at City Hall, am afraid that I got no time so when my boyfriend kinda
offered me a drive again, I agreed and hopped on to his car. Oh, and I was wearing slipper that
night. Imagine? Birthday girl wearing simple maxi dress with slipper. Why? Because my girlfriends
told me that they can't stay out late so probably we just gonna have dinner and that's it.
Honestly, I felt damn fucked up and hopeless in a sense of way, like... everything is fucking
screwed up. My 21st is gonna be the worst in the world! While boyfriend was driving, I
realized that's not the correct route from Sengkang to City Hall? So I spoke up to him, then
said we are going to fetch Darren since it's convenient. Err... Convenient? He stayed at
Pasir Ris leh. Well, I got no mood, so I just shut up and follow whatever it goes. When Darren
hopped in the car, he goes like, "Huh sis, you wear slippers?" He then force me to go home and
take my heels, he said "for in case." Like I've mentioned, I got no mood for anything, so I just
do whatever they asked me to. When we reached City Hall, boyfriend drop me off. He then
asked Darren to guide him to don't know where after that then drive Darren back to meet us,
at that point of time I find my boyfriend damn stupid, don;t know the direction still wanna meet
his friends. So I met my girlfriends, we walked over to Loof Bar, sat down and ordered our
food for dinner. I have never felt this moody before, then my boyfriend fucking appear in front
of me and surprised me with a cake and flowers, I was damn... don't know what to say.
Then I knew, I was being set up. After dinner, I though that we are going home, so I suggested
to send them back as my boyfriend is driving. While driving, my boyfriend is driving to the
wrong direction again, we are all staying in the east but he's driving towards Clarke Quay.
My girlfriends then said, "We're gonna Dream high tonight!" F, I was being set up again!
No wonder Darren keep wanting to go home and take my heels out with me. At the
entrance of Dream, I took a glace at myself and said, "Shit la, I'm wearing maxi leh!"
But then I think again, "Iyah f it la, drunk already no one would remember after today."
Then I suggested to go to a bar for some drinks first to make ourselves a lil tipsy. Hahaha!
So, that's somehow the plan goes and now it;s time for pictures to do the talking.

At Loof Bar for dinner

Thank you all my lovely friends, it was a super great night ever! And of course not forgetting
the boy who surprised me with flowers for the very first time in our 3 years relationship!
Nah, I'm not a fan girl who love flowers given from boyfriend, but once in a while
it's still not that bad though!

Am feeling truly blessed by having friends like you guys. You all are the ones who will stay in
my life with me during my down times (unlike some ungrateful creature). I had a very
wonderful night, hope you guys felt the same as I do. Lastly, thanks for all the plans, the gift,
the long island tea! And, every single things you guys had done. Very very much appreciated!
Many years of friendships, and still counting...