Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life's Good!

Hi Guys!
I know I've been neglecting this space of mine as always!
My blog post is always about advertorials, I know! Well, because am busying enjoying
my life so I don't really have the time to blog, yea my bad and I'm truly sorry for that! ; (
In case anyone misses my face? Here you go! : )

Life's pretty good so far! No stress, nothing. Everyday is a carefree day, I loveee it!
Probably gonna continue for a month before I'm back to society again. (That really sucks!)
Good news, my boyfriends is gonna finish his army in another 15 days! Time files, seriously!
No more, "Sorry baby, I can't book out tmr", "Sorry baby, I have guard duty this weekend",
"Sorry baby, I'm gonna leave you for 3 weeks as I'm going Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand, and
where ever it is!", one word - SUCKS! Although I told myself before that never find an army
guy no matter what! Well, different poeple different perception... All this while, we've been
through a lot and see how each other grow. Finally, the boy and I smell the 3 words
"O.R.D" is getting nearer as each day passes! *happyyy

3 years 2 months and counting ~

It's not an end yet, just that his army is gonna end real soon, but the reality is awaiting!
I can predict that it's not gonna be an easy thing but I'm sure nothing can beat us.
We have got many dreams to achieve and I believe, we can! : )