Sunday, September 29, 2013

The 29th

It takes more than just pain, to make a woman who loves you so much leave you.
I hope this time round, it’ll be different. After clearing the air between us, I hope this love
will carry on like how it was used to be. Loving you has become a habit and that definitely was
not an easy thing, therefore I couldn’t bear to just let it end this way.

We often cherish and miss the time passed yet struggling for a better future, but after moving
to the next level then we felt that the past was actually beautiful. I hope we can cherish every
moment at every stage of our journey from now on. Successful long term relationships involve
ongoing effort and compromise, agree? So let’s not give up so easily anymore. After all, we’ve
been through so much with all the ups and downs. Although this time round was kind of difficult.
But I do believe we could overcome it like an easy thing.

People may think that I’m stupid, but love is blind. But of course, I’m conscious enough
to know exactly what I’m doing and my heart tells me, never give up. Never give up because
of silly lies and stuffs. After all, everyone make mistakes. I’m not trying to convince myself,
but at least I gave the very last chance instead of giving up. So at the end of the day if things still
don’t work out, at least I can tell myself, “It’s okay, I’ve tried and am gonna live with no regrets”

Today marks our 39th monthsary. I hope we could celebrate this special day every month
in the long run. Once again, I love you forever and always! xx

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20 Facts About Me

Been seeing a lot of people doing the “20 facts about me” on instagram. Since today is my
free day so I think I shall do the 20 facts of me too? Am gonna do it here on my blog instead
because its so difficult to type so many words on instagram! Yup, so here it is.

1) I'm the only child at home. But that doesn't mean that I get whatever I want, my mom
trained me to be very independent. So I started paying my own bills when I was 16 years old
and never took any allowance from my parents since then.

2) I'm a duper big fan of the color “Pink!” Be it light pink, dark pink, hot pink, baby pink,
pastel pink, whatever things that has to do with pink, I'm on! But even though I loved pink
so damn much, I don't like hellokitty. People often say as long as you're a pink lover,
you'll like hellokitty? Nah, not true.

3) I'm not a very social kind of person. I will never take the initiative to speak up first,
I will not even bother to introduce myself to anyone unless they ask me. I'll just smile, say my
name and walk away. I can go as quiet as you can never though of when I met new people.

4) I'm born to have this kind of faces - attitude/dao/fierce/not friendly, when I don't smile.
That's what my friends said and people always mistaken me, like when I'm not even
angry at all, but they said my face tells them that I'm super buey song. HAHa!

5) I'm a very lazy girl. I can be as lazy as anyone out there. I can don't shower and
wash my hair for 3 days, I can don't eat because I'm lazy to walk, I can stay at home for
1 week because I'm lazy to dress up and I can go out with fbt shorts and army
t-shirt (what I wear at home) because I'm lazy to change.

6) I'm not rich, but I work very hard to achieve the things I want very much.
So I only got 4 branded bags and some accessories. Honestly, I hate rich people because
they often act like a big fuck.

7) I'm in a relationship for 39th months with a man named Nicholas. My longest relationship!
I would regards him as my first guy? As previously those are just for the sake of fun.
Eh, that doesn't mean I've got a lot of flings previously, 2 only okay!

8) I'm very very forgiving kind of person. I'll be angry of course, but I'll be okay
after a while. After all, everyone make mistakes in life. But that depends, if that someone
cross over my limit then I'm sorry. You'll be out of my life. Just like recently, I mentioned about
a girl who used my words and betrayed me.

9) Not an animal lover, I don't really like pets even though I own 2 fat pigs.
Guinea pig I mean. Because my boyfriend like it and I think they look like my boyfriend,
so I agreed on buying them back. HAHAHA!

10) I like people with sharp nose. Be it a girl or boy, I'm attracted to people with sharp nose.
If my boyfriend has a sharp nose, he'll be perfect in my eyes! : )

11) I never had any work done on any part of my face, plastic surgery I mean.
Firstly, it cost a bomb.Secondly, I'm scared! Some people think that I had done a nose job,
but honestly NO! I think I don't look so bad and I don't need a plastic surgery?

12) I'm a very fickle minded person and I always can't make up my mind. I can go
around asking people for opinion when I just wanna something. Be it expensive or cheap,
I can keep thinking about it everyday for the whole 1 month. Even a 10bucks dress in
bugis street, I must think for a few hours then decide whether to buy or not.

13) I'm currently saving up for braces, like finally! Finally I'm brave enough to go for
it because I so scared of the extraction part. You guys might to thinking that, my teeth
look fine what, why do I need braces? Uhm.. Because nothing is perfect in this world,
but at least I know that I can make something look perfect which is my smile? If by any
chance people were to sponsor me, then that would be perfect x perfect! Hehe..

14) Sometimes when I don't eat, I can don't consume any food for the whole day.
But when I start to eat, I can eat a lot. I mean, A LOT! Believe it or not, my appetite
is bigger than my boyfriend. I always eat a lot more than him whenever we are together.
I'm so glad that my metabolism is very high!

15) I don't have high tolerance level, I can't tolerate people with fucked up attitude
problem and BETRAYER. Whoever treat me like shit, I'll treat them back even shittier.

16) I don't have a lot of friends, but I do have a few very best friends whom
I've known for 6 years. They are true in every ways. They're not fake, hypocrite,
betrayer, liars, just so good in many ways. So glad to have met them!

17) I have never been to any other country before, other than Jb. Which means
to say, I've never take an airplane before. I don't even know how the airplane looks
like on the inside, I don't even know what's the feeling of flying by sitting down.
BUT! My boyfriend promised to bring me somewhere this coming December! : D

18) I used to stayed in Tampines (Beside Dunman Secondary) since I was born
till the age of 12. Then I shifted to Simei (Beside Metta school, *OMG!) and stayed
there for about 8 years. Recently I've just shifted to Punggol (Beside Horizon Primary)
Really like my current home a lot, so much modern looking and so much comfortable.
Hey, realize something? Every house I stayed in always has a school beside it.
Haha! Okay whatever, not important anyway.

19) I'm 21 years old this year, even though people often mistaken me
as 23 or 24 years old. I look very mature with long fringe and that is why I never
let my fringe grow, ever since there was once someone said I look like a mother
of a 16 years old kid. LIKE, WHATTTT? FML!

20) I'm a 100 percent Singaporean. Why would I clarify this because sometimes
people say I look like ‘siam bu’ (thailand girl) OMG, FML again! Especially when I go
clubbing at night, people would always say that. I really don't find that I look like them?
Like, I don't do drama makeup, I don't dress as sexy as them and they're so
much prettier even though most of their parts are fake? *Oops!


All right! Finally we had come to an end of the 20 facts about me.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 23, 2013

That Shit Girl

You post shits about me on Line and deleted me on Instagram and Facebook, that's fine.
Because childish people do childish thing what, I understand. But why do you have to go
around telling everyone especially texting your ex boyfriend, telling him that
“Oh, I've already deleted her on Facebook and Instagram.” Haha??? What the fuck are
you up to again? This prove that shit people like you, will never learn your mistakes.

Right after I start ranting on my blog. You started ranting on your blog too.
You said, “The tips to deal with it is just to ignore.” Eh, seriously?! All this things that
you've done is considered ignore? OMG, *pea-brain! I really hope you can think
carefully about it, typically before doing anything.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Lesson Learned

A lesson learned, a lesson taught me not to trust new people, never! Never trust a person
you barely know and never regards a stranger as your friend so easily. This lesson also
taught me, never be too kind to anyone, never be too helpful...

People always forget the good side of you, forget those times when you're there for them
when they needed you the most. People always take things for granted, because they often
think for themselves first. When they're done with you, they're gone.

I'm glad that I had a bunch of friends who really care for me, noticed me on my down
times. A simple message can really make my day and make me feel so much better, because
at least I know even though one has betrayed me but there are still many who cares out there.

Let bygones be bygones, shall not bother anymore. At least things are getting so much
better than before now, so glad that people love and care for me so much more. And last but
not least, I'm glad that I finally see your true colors.

Dear friends,
Thanks for all your concern, I'm feeling so much better now. The crazy side of me will
be back real soon! ^^


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Betrayer

Recently, I’ve been feeling really down over some issues. Makes me feels like shit for the
past one week. I really didn’t expect such things would happened. I blame myself for being
too good as a friend, I blame myself for telling things which I’m not suppose to, to a person
who is nothing to me at all, not even a friend.

I blame myself for my stupidness, for helping you to say good words in front of all
people who accused you, who said that you're a bad girl who only want to cheat your ex
boyfriend's money, I helped you to say good words in front of their parents, my boyfriend,
his younger brother, everyone. But you? Go around and act innocent, telling people
what I've told you then put all the blames on me.

In the first place, I've already warn you. If you wanna go back to him then don't
ask me anything about him. Anyway it's already the past. But is YOU, you're the one
who said that it's impossible, and you don't wanna go in to a relationship for the time being.
You begged me to tell you everything and then?! YOU USED MY WORDS AND
BETRAYED ME! Makes people think that I bad mouth about your ex boyfriend!

Sending screen shot conversation of you and your ex boyfriend to me, and sending
him our conversation. What are you up to? What do you gain by doing all this? I'm
not interested, seriously. Saying that I cause you into deep shit? You deserve it!
Blame yourself for being a bitch. As if like you didn't cause me into deep shits?
You only think of yourself and what about the others?

I was so damn wrong to regard you as a friend from the start. You used my words and
betrayed me, used me to tell you all the things that you want to know and then act innocent
and push all the blame to me. I have no idea how much you've bad mouth about me, but
seriously, you're already 20 years old, please grow up and don't behave like a small girl. Get a life
and move on. By doing all this, what do you gain? Nothing! You're just a nobody and everyone
hates you so damn much now because you're the cause of everything, the problem starter.

Who are you? Who are you to spoil our relationship? Other people tell lies has got
nothing to do with you. He's my boyfriend, you got no right to say a single thing about him.
Don't tell me you never tell any lies in your life before? You have no right to say anyone.
After all he is my boyfriend, so why can't I tell him anything? Like what you've said, there's
nothing to hide. If you were to blame me for telling my boyfriend about your things, then why
did you do the same in the first place by telling your ex boyfriend what I've told you?
So, who is to blame now? YOU!

You're the one who said that you hope everything will stop. Then? You start everything again.
By posting shits about me on Line. Wtf are you up to? Nothing better to do? And stop asking
people to come out and talk. Seriously, what is there to clarify about? You are the one who
started everything, so if we were to come out to clear the air between us, you'll be the loser. I
hope you can stop all your childish acts and stop making a fool out of yourself. Whatever you
say or how innocent you're trying to act or even how much you're gonna explain about anything,
no one will ever trust you anymore. I was stupid enough for not seeing clear enough that you're
actually so fake and cunning, and the way you handle things is so childish! OMG!

And, if you're afraid of letting people see whatever photo you posted on any social networking
sites with your so called "good guy" Then don't post! You should know, once you post,
everyone will see it. Even if your ex boyfriend or anyone is not your facebook friend,
(because you deleted them on facebook and instagram, that's very childish too)
other people will still see it and things spread fast. Blame yourself for being stupid instead of
blaming others. Think twice before you act, if not you're just making a fool out of yourself. If
you wanna continue with your childish act by deleting people on facebook and instagram.
By all means, go ahead. Because by deleting people on facebook and instagram simply
makes you look like you're afraid that people might see your lovey dovey photos again.

You dare to do, but afraid to show and let people know. Afraid that your ex boyfriend
will know about you and your new boy. You keep saying why is it so hard to be honest?
Then are you honest enough? You ever asked me this question on that Friday night,
"Cherlyn, how do you think of him? You think is he okay?" My replied was,
"I think he is okay, but after all you have to decide yourself." Then your replied was,
"Really? Don't lie to me eh, if you also think that he is okay then I will go for it."
So, when your ex boyfriend wanted to clarify about this. DID YOU TELL HIM HONESTLY?
N.O - NO! You denied and push all the blame to me! And before you said I can't keep
things to myself, how about YOU? I don't wanna say much, I hope you'll realize it someday,
perhaps not so soon because I knew that you're childish and can't handle things properly.

I'm always a very forgiving kind of person, but this time round - NO!
I'll never forgive you, never forgive myself for trusting you and I'm hating you for life.
So you better not force me to make things ugly, I hope you can stop all your nonsense.
And please grow up, I hope you won't screw up your life again and learn your mistakes.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As seen on the picture below, all the meat is so damn fresh and it's soooooooo much! So much
more than those mookata at Goldenmile. For your info, there is no service and GST charge!
They not only have all meat but other selection like seafood and vegetable. 
I love their black pepper beef and pork belly the most!

And I love love love their soup!!!

Over all, a good place for supper and another good place for tasty Mookata.

If you'd like to give it try and wondering where is it?


Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen
No. 9 Townshend Road
*Next to Jalan Besar Plaza - Maude Road
They are open from Monday to Sunday, 6pm to 6am

Saturday, September 07, 2013