Sunday, September 29, 2013

The 29th

It takes more than just pain, to make a woman who loves you so much leave you.
I hope this time round, it’ll be different. After clearing the air between us, I hope this love
will carry on like how it was used to be. Loving you has become a habit and that definitely was
not an easy thing, therefore I couldn’t bear to just let it end this way.

We often cherish and miss the time passed yet struggling for a better future, but after moving
to the next level then we felt that the past was actually beautiful. I hope we can cherish every
moment at every stage of our journey from now on. Successful long term relationships involve
ongoing effort and compromise, agree? So let’s not give up so easily anymore. After all, we’ve
been through so much with all the ups and downs. Although this time round was kind of difficult.
But I do believe we could overcome it like an easy thing.

People may think that I’m stupid, but love is blind. But of course, I’m conscious enough
to know exactly what I’m doing and my heart tells me, never give up. Never give up because
of silly lies and stuffs. After all, everyone make mistakes. I’m not trying to convince myself,
but at least I gave the very last chance instead of giving up. So at the end of the day if things still
don’t work out, at least I can tell myself, “It’s okay, I’ve tried and am gonna live with no regrets”

Today marks our 39th monthsary. I hope we could celebrate this special day every month
in the long run. Once again, I love you forever and always! xx