Friday, September 20, 2013

The Betrayer

Recently, I’ve been feeling really down over some issues. Makes me feels like shit for the
past one week. I really didn’t expect such things would happened. I blame myself for being
too good as a friend, I blame myself for telling things which I’m not suppose to, to a person
who is nothing to me at all, not even a friend.

I blame myself for my stupidness, for helping you to say good words in front of all
people who accused you, who said that you're a bad girl who only want to cheat your ex
boyfriend's money, I helped you to say good words in front of their parents, my boyfriend,
his younger brother, everyone. But you? Go around and act innocent, telling people
what I've told you then put all the blames on me.

In the first place, I've already warn you. If you wanna go back to him then don't
ask me anything about him. Anyway it's already the past. But is YOU, you're the one
who said that it's impossible, and you don't wanna go in to a relationship for the time being.
You begged me to tell you everything and then?! YOU USED MY WORDS AND
BETRAYED ME! Makes people think that I bad mouth about your ex boyfriend!

Sending screen shot conversation of you and your ex boyfriend to me, and sending
him our conversation. What are you up to? What do you gain by doing all this? I'm
not interested, seriously. Saying that I cause you into deep shit? You deserve it!
Blame yourself for being a bitch. As if like you didn't cause me into deep shits?
You only think of yourself and what about the others?

I was so damn wrong to regard you as a friend from the start. You used my words and
betrayed me, used me to tell you all the things that you want to know and then act innocent
and push all the blame to me. I have no idea how much you've bad mouth about me, but
seriously, you're already 20 years old, please grow up and don't behave like a small girl. Get a life
and move on. By doing all this, what do you gain? Nothing! You're just a nobody and everyone
hates you so damn much now because you're the cause of everything, the problem starter.

Who are you? Who are you to spoil our relationship? Other people tell lies has got
nothing to do with you. He's my boyfriend, you got no right to say a single thing about him.
Don't tell me you never tell any lies in your life before? You have no right to say anyone.
After all he is my boyfriend, so why can't I tell him anything? Like what you've said, there's
nothing to hide. If you were to blame me for telling my boyfriend about your things, then why
did you do the same in the first place by telling your ex boyfriend what I've told you?
So, who is to blame now? YOU!

You're the one who said that you hope everything will stop. Then? You start everything again.
By posting shits about me on Line. Wtf are you up to? Nothing better to do? And stop asking
people to come out and talk. Seriously, what is there to clarify about? You are the one who
started everything, so if we were to come out to clear the air between us, you'll be the loser. I
hope you can stop all your childish acts and stop making a fool out of yourself. Whatever you
say or how innocent you're trying to act or even how much you're gonna explain about anything,
no one will ever trust you anymore. I was stupid enough for not seeing clear enough that you're
actually so fake and cunning, and the way you handle things is so childish! OMG!

And, if you're afraid of letting people see whatever photo you posted on any social networking
sites with your so called "good guy" Then don't post! You should know, once you post,
everyone will see it. Even if your ex boyfriend or anyone is not your facebook friend,
(because you deleted them on facebook and instagram, that's very childish too)
other people will still see it and things spread fast. Blame yourself for being stupid instead of
blaming others. Think twice before you act, if not you're just making a fool out of yourself. If
you wanna continue with your childish act by deleting people on facebook and instagram.
By all means, go ahead. Because by deleting people on facebook and instagram simply
makes you look like you're afraid that people might see your lovey dovey photos again.

You dare to do, but afraid to show and let people know. Afraid that your ex boyfriend
will know about you and your new boy. You keep saying why is it so hard to be honest?
Then are you honest enough? You ever asked me this question on that Friday night,
"Cherlyn, how do you think of him? You think is he okay?" My replied was,
"I think he is okay, but after all you have to decide yourself." Then your replied was,
"Really? Don't lie to me eh, if you also think that he is okay then I will go for it."
So, when your ex boyfriend wanted to clarify about this. DID YOU TELL HIM HONESTLY?
N.O - NO! You denied and push all the blame to me! And before you said I can't keep
things to myself, how about YOU? I don't wanna say much, I hope you'll realize it someday,
perhaps not so soon because I knew that you're childish and can't handle things properly.

I'm always a very forgiving kind of person, but this time round - NO!
I'll never forgive you, never forgive myself for trusting you and I'm hating you for life.
So you better not force me to make things ugly, I hope you can stop all your nonsense.
And please grow up, I hope you won't screw up your life again and learn your mistakes.