Monday, December 30, 2013

Itoh Collagen - Advertorial

Press release - Itoh Collagen Powder.
The beauty supplement of collagen, keeping you forever young!

Low molecular collagen powder.
Colorless, tasteless, fat-free & sugar-free!

Endorsed by Kevin, Taiwan beauty guru of Lady First!

Contain 3000mg of collagen per sachets, that can be dissolve to any drink or soup.
Can be taken throughout the day. Low molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen,
to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes.

Itoh collagen can be added directly, to hot soup, food or drinks such as coffee, juice, milk or water.
To me, I prefer to add it with plain water since it's tasteless!

The best time to consume is before sleeping or with an empty stomach. Therefore, I consume
Itoh collagen every morning! This collagen is approved by FAO & WHO, making it very save
to consume. So, you can take 1-3 sachets per day! For me, I take 2 sachets per day.
One in the morning and 1 in the night before sleeping.

Q & A

How long will one see result from consuming Itoh collagen?
As Itoh collagen is formulated through high purification, it can be easily assimilated
by our body system. Hence, results is usually visible after 1-2 weeks.
But it may vary with individual.

Where is the collagen extracted from?
Our low molecular collagen powder was extracted from healthy pigskin and cartilage,
which are tested by Japan SPF standard. Besides, fat and gelatin are removed through
high purification technology. Hence Itoh collagen is safe and tasteless.

Who needs collagen?
Itoh collagen is natural and free of chemical compositions. It's suitable for anyone
except vegetarian.

According to the report of the research institute of Tokyo University of Science, after consuming it
for one month, the percentage of collagen in the body increased obviously to 22%!

So what are to waiting for? Don't be lazy, get yours today and stay young forever ~
Itoh collagen - $49.90/Box (14 sachets)
*Available in Guardian* 

Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Christmas is over, now we're all counting down to new year.
How times file, five more days to 2014! My new year resolutions is pretty simple next year.
Gonna force myself to work even harder, a few vacation and lastly, register for bto with myboy.

I can do it!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

So blessed with this year's festive season because I get to spend all my time with my
loved one. My boyfriend actually cancel his company's batam trip  just to accompany me,
needless to say I felt so love! Other than my loved ones, how can we forget about the gifts?!
I always spend a bomb every year during this period to get some little gifts for my friends,
family, boyfriend and of course myself, hehe! How can christmas goes without gifts, right? ^^

Selfies with my favorite christmas drink from starbucks,
Toffee nut frappuccino!

Even though I have to work the whole day on christmas eve and even on christmas day, I don't feel
sad at all because my bf will be by my side working together with me and hard work pays off! ^^

Merry Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly
Merry Christmas! Another 6 days to christmas, am so excited! I love exchanging gifts
and of course, I love receiving gifts too! So looking forward to christmas countdown
with my crazy girlfriends at clarke quay, can sense that it'll definitely be a great one!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

"S I S T E R" 
6 letters, 6 of us.
Forever and always!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Biore New Cleansing Sheet - Advertorial

Introducing the new and improved Biore cotton sheets that speedier make up
removal, gentler to skin and moist after skin feel!

Cleanse & Care with smooth cleansing oil and hydrating beauty essence
- Removes all traces of make up without irritating or drying your skin.
- Minimise repeated wiping by 50% on eye lashes, eye area and face.
- No greasy or sticky feeling after use as cleansing oil does not remain on skin.
- Contains hydrating beauty essence that leaves skin moist and smooth
- 100% natural fibre sheets for a softer glide on skin.

20% more cleansing oil in each sheet
50% less repeated wiping on eye area, eye lashes and face
Now with hydrating essence

Biore new cleansing sheet is definitely my saviour especially for the lazy me.
Now, I can remove my make up anywhere on the go with the handy pack and
I no longer have to sleep with my make up on whenever after clubbing! Hahaha...


Regular Tub

Refill Pack

Handy Pack

How to use:
using clean hands, gently wipe off makeup with sheet. Makeup removal is
complete when there is no trace of makeup on sheet.

Biore cotton sheets are available in major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets.
Retail prices are as per below:
Regular tub - S$17.90
Refill pack - S$15.60
Handy pack - S$3.90

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wisdom tooth surgery

Two weeks ago, I went for wisdom tooth surgery like finally after
one month of torturous pain. Am so damn afraid therefore I dragged myself from
visiting the dental. It was so painful, as the root of my wisdom tooth is touching my
nerves. The pain was connected to my right ear and neck, till I couldn't stop my tears.
Boyfriend was so worried for me, he then suggested that it's time to go to the dentist.
And so I took up the courage to make an appointment with a private clinic
at Ubi area. I scheduled right at that same day at night.

So I went for a consultation to let the dentist checked what has happened to my wisdom
tooth. Then found out that my wisdom tooth are badly decayed and yes, the root is touching
my nerves that's was I was in great pain. Was also told that my wisdom tooth does not grow in
proper manner like how normal teeth grow. Mine is called the angular wisdom tooth, because
my jaw is small that causes no space for wisdom tooth to grow properly.

The dentist advise me to get the surgery done asap but I was way too afraid that I rejected.
I told the dentist to prescribe some painkillers for me and see how it goes after that. I was
too naive by thinking that maybe after some painkillers it'll be all right. But I was damn wrong!
The pain get worst and I can't chew anything at all even by using my left side of my mouth.

So my mom suggested that it's really the time to get rid of my tooth no matter what.
So I went to NDC, but I was scheduled on the 21 Jan 2014. Seriously, are you kidding
me?! I was in great pain and yet I was being scheduled so long after? Wtf, I was so pissed
of that day and very very pissed with the dentist who consult me. I don't know if she's a 
trainee or what, whatever questions I asked her, she fucking need to asked other dentist!
And made me wait for 2 hours, without any medication prescribe, only xray was done and
it cost me $80plus. Waste my time! Waste my effort to go all the way down to NDC,
ended up getting back nothing. Never go to NDC, never ever.

Next day, I went back to the private clinic at Ubi and told the dentist that I've decided to
let him do the surgery for me. And I was scheduled the following week, 28th Nov. I can say
that he's a very good dentist with many years of experience. During the process I felt nothing at all.
And even after the surgery, I felt nothing at all as well. I can eat normally right after the surgery
too! No pain at all, just that cheek will get swollen for the first few days after surgery. I was
advice to gargled warm salt water everyday for at least five times to let the swell subside.

I don't wanna say much about the process as I don't wanna scare some of you who might
be going through it and so happened you're reading this post. Trust me, no pain at all! Even
the injection part is painless as well! Really a very well experience dentist! So sit back and relax!
Anyway, this private clinic I went to does not accept payment by medisave, have to be upfront
cash. I paid SGD700 for one tooth including medications. Some of you might find it expensive
but because it's totally painless, therefore it's worth it!


A picture of me with swollen right cheek. This was taken 2 days later after my surgery
P/S - I don't have the address with me right now as I lost my appointment card!
Careless shit me! But no worries, my mom have it. So if anyone of you are keen, email me then.

Thanks for reading! : )

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Felt so angry recently with someone, someone whom I might have to
face for the rest of my life. I just can't stand it whenever she portray her
arrogant attitude. Who are you to even talked back to my bf in that
manner in front of everyone? Idiotic bimbo.

And her boyfriend who's being so desperately of wanting a flat, wants to
register a flat with her next year, wtf! Seriously, they're not even dating each
other for more than three months?! Why any girls is okay for you, and why
on earth there's such stupid woman whom will even agreed to be with such a
guy like you? A guy who text his ex girlfriend when he already has a girlfriend,
a guy who will bad mouth about his ex girlfriend to everyone, a guy who have
girl friends just for sex, a guy who is vain and ego. It really makes me doubt in
big times. I'm sorry but to say, I see no future in the both of you. Good luck.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Boy's 21st!

Happy blessed 21st birthday to my love!

Pardon me for posting this pic below and being random.
But I'm so proud of him! My man, the best soldier. Ops! If you notice something, his name
was spelled wrongly. SAF, too much training thus cannot spell properly? HAHA!

Love you for always!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Life is not fair and it never will. Been damn dog tired recently due to work, at times
I just feel like giving up. Hate all the politics, hate all the cunning peoples around! I hate
it that there's always something which tied me up that hold my decision. So many things are
running through my mind when I wanna make that decision, so many things to think of and
the consequences after. I don't work to please anyone but my future, I need to work very
hard now in order to have the best future everyone desires. But it's just too difficult,
so damn difficult. Sometimes, I just wanna run, keep running far far away to avoid all
these shits in life. I just wanna be somewhere far away with my loved one and lead a
peaceful carefree life.

Boyfriend has been giving me loads of motivations but it doesn't work.
I have a serious problem whenever it comes to work wise and making decision,
I've no idea what's wrong with me either. Perhaps just too tired, too tired of everything
in life. I just wanna lay in bed all day and ignore the world.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

New camera!

Christmas pressie came super early for me this year!
Thank you, my lovely boyfriend for this new camera, Samsung EX2F!

Sorry for the lousy quality image above. It was taken by my Samsung Note 3. In fact the quality
shouldn't be this bad but I don't know why everytime I took a picture and posted in on Instagram,
The image always turns out to be pixelated. :/

Anyway, why I would choose this camera over Canon is because I like that fact that the
pictures can be upload to Facebook immediately anytime and anywhere you are! And white
over black because black is boring! Also, the image quality and effect is god damn gorgeous!

SEE!!! No need filter, no need to edit, just awesome! ^^
Super loved the beauty mode that makes my skin look flawless, hehe!


Sunday, December 01, 2013


Will be starting with weekends assignment every weekends from now onwards.
It's some kinda assignment like events I would say, the only difference is that I have to
travel from places to places. Be it in the north south east or west, I have to suck it up and go.
If you haven't already know, I've moved to Punggol 2 months back. What I can say is, if you
don't have a car then never move to such places like Punggol. I find that it's way too inconvenient!
Imagine going to Bugis, I have to change 4 times transport in order to reach there! Unlike Simei,
the estate where I used to stay only require one straight train to reach! But I very lucky that
my bf drive, if not it's gonna be a very torturing journey to every where everyday! 

It's gonna be tired, it's gonna be a wasted weekends. No more clubbing, no more fun
outings with friends and loved ones, because the working hours is mad! From 2pm to 12am!
I can club, and still go out with my friends after that at 12am but I definitely don't wanna
be a zombie the following days. Like I've said, It's gonna be damn tired but it's definitely
worth it! So guys, if you wanna succeed and have a good life ahead in future,
get your ass off now and start working while you can!