Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Biore New Cleansing Sheet - Advertorial

Introducing the new and improved Biore cotton sheets that speedier make up
removal, gentler to skin and moist after skin feel!

Cleanse & Care with smooth cleansing oil and hydrating beauty essence
- Removes all traces of make up without irritating or drying your skin.
- Minimise repeated wiping by 50% on eye lashes, eye area and face.
- No greasy or sticky feeling after use as cleansing oil does not remain on skin.
- Contains hydrating beauty essence that leaves skin moist and smooth
- 100% natural fibre sheets for a softer glide on skin.

20% more cleansing oil in each sheet
50% less repeated wiping on eye area, eye lashes and face
Now with hydrating essence

Biore new cleansing sheet is definitely my saviour especially for the lazy me.
Now, I can remove my make up anywhere on the go with the handy pack and
I no longer have to sleep with my make up on whenever after clubbing! Hahaha...


Regular Tub

Refill Pack

Handy Pack

How to use:
using clean hands, gently wipe off makeup with sheet. Makeup removal is
complete when there is no trace of makeup on sheet.

Biore cotton sheets are available in major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets.
Retail prices are as per below:
Regular tub - S$17.90
Refill pack - S$15.60
Handy pack - S$3.90