Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

So blessed with this year's festive season because I get to spend all my time with my
loved one. My boyfriend actually cancel his company's batam trip  just to accompany me,
needless to say I felt so love! Other than my loved ones, how can we forget about the gifts?!
I always spend a bomb every year during this period to get some little gifts for my friends,
family, boyfriend and of course myself, hehe! How can christmas goes without gifts, right? ^^

Selfies with my favorite christmas drink from starbucks,
Toffee nut frappuccino!

Even though I have to work the whole day on christmas eve and even on christmas day, I don't feel
sad at all because my bf will be by my side working together with me and hard work pays off! ^^

Merry Christmas Eve!