Monday, January 27, 2014


Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others,
we all have to admit that we take people for granted. We get so used to having
all those realiable people around to pick up the pieces, that we forget to notice how
much they actually help us, how much attention they pay to our needs and how much
they care about us. If there is one thing that you should aim to do in your life, it's to
not take people for granted because one day when everything is falling apart, those
people who were always there before, might not stick around to be there again.

People often forget about our good and only remember our bad, they forgot who
are the ones who were there for them at their lowest point of time but will always
remember all the criticizes we've made. But do remember that in this world, people
will always have something to say regardless of what we do. Therefore, why take it
so serious? If you think that you did nothing wrong, then you shouldn't give a damn.
Just because you can't take people's criticizes, you lost a bff who understand you the
most, you lost your craziest soulmate who can tolerate all your nonsense, and become
enemy with them, the one who've been through so much with you through these years.
Worth it?


Saturday, January 25, 2014

GoodSkin Labs Firm-365 Facial Firming Serum - Advertorial

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Patients  frequently request a desire to tighten and lift the skin without the intervention of
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With highly effective ingredients, the FIRM-365TM formula delivers a targeted firming
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No pain, no surgery, no photoshop!
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Direction of use:
On clean skin, gently massage 3-5 drops over face and neck. Follow with
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Good Luck! ^^

Monday, January 13, 2014


Recently, things happened in a way that I'm starting to hate
his family, not everyone but the brothers. I thought blood is thicker than
water? How can true blood brothers argue over childish matters?

Firstly, nobody look down on you, you're the one who assumed that people
look down on you. In fact, you're the one who look down on yourself. By earning
those dirty cash you think you're the boss or a big fuck darn gangster? You don't
feel a single bit remorse of your misdeed yet continue doing it over and over again.
Now, you quarreled with your brother(my boyfriend) who are always the one there
when you're in deep shit. What is thanksgiving, do you know? How you treat your
brothers over a slut? Saying your brothers is useless, then how about you?
You're worst than a piece of shit! Act like a gangster in front of everyone
but a pussy in front of your gf.

Secondly, brothers quarreled over birthday present. Come on guys, if you willing
bought something for someone then never expect something in return. Did your
brother(my boyfriend) force you to buy that watch for him? If you're so calculative
then in the first place don't buy anything! As the eldest one at home, you shouldn't
behave so childish like your youngest bro! Just do what you're best at by portraying
as a damn good innocent son and boyfriend in front of your parents a gf. You think
I don't know that you like her is because of her money? You think I don't know
that you loved to act innocent in front if people to get benefits and you think I
don't know that you're the one who always ask my boyfriend to club? All your
lies are the worst ever lies I've heard! 

I really pity my boyfriend so much for having such brothers. Got a room but no
privacy because his youngest bro always bring his slut gf home to sleep, and
his eldest bro snatched the other room to make it his own room now. So, there
are no more extra room. Therefore, sometimes my boyfriend have to sleep on
the sofa in the living room. Seeing his own son sleep on the sofa, the parents
did nothing about it and just keep quiet all the way. What the fuck!

And as a gf, when you go to your bf house. Did you wash your own plates after
dinner? I believe ten out of nine, all the gf did wash themselves including myself.
But so sadly, the eldest brother's gf appear to be the one out of ten. She don't wash!
She just eat, leave it there and then go to the room, to get fuck I guess? Wahahaha!
So my boyfriend volunteered to wash. Sigh, seriously?! Baby, why are you so kind?

So now, tell me what's the real reason behind all these? In the picture it may seems
like the problem lies within the brothers, but the real reason behind is the parents!
Where is their discipline? If a child is taught correctly since young, I believe all
these unhappy shits won't happen today and everyone won't be
giving a face to each other.

Lastly, if i were to ask a question, among the three of them who is the most
filial son? Always remember, who is the one who always volunteer to wash all
the dishes after dinner when you're lazy, who is the one who gave you money
when he gets salary, who is the one who mop the floor, vacuum the floor,
wash the fans, etc... When he knoew that you're sick and is unable to do and
carry heavy stuffs? We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, sometimes we
should at least flip through and read carefully. Never take it for granted!

My boyfriend may be cheeky at times and behave like an annoying kid, but he
has the kindest heart and a helping hand, which you will NEVER ever see in
the youngest and eldest brother!

I'm very proud of my boyfriend and I'm very blessed to have him
in my life. For people like you guys who don't cherish him, it's total your lost!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2014 - Doing well

As soon as another year has left us, been leaving quite well for the starting for 2014.
Been eating well, grooming well, and sleeping well everyday, everything's just fine.
Also, am so happy at the same time as well because chinese new year is around the
corner, even though I'll be working from the 30th till 2nd Feb. But I don't mind,
because I've got a very special job and I'm super happy with it! And a special
person who will always be by my side everyday without fail no matter what.


Friday, January 03, 2014

MygenLife - Advertorial

‘ I'm finally  happy to announce using my medical aesthetics experience, I present to you the
NEW & EXCITING offers for the Asian man and Woman, Enjoy it ! ‘  - Prof. BUGUALT.


Wanna get fairer, radiant and glowy look?
Mygenlife is all you need!

Mygenlife is about designing an effective solutions to the Asian face, Body and Hair care.
Finally, medical graded products are made available on pharmacy shelves!

Whitening Nectar

Whitening Nectar drink helps to even out skin tone, lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation and
promote lasting fairness from within. In just 28 days, you will achieve a fairer
radiant and glowy look!
It taste so fruity, like bluberries!

Main Ingredients:
- Sakura Extract(Patent) can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, which will cause melanin that
darkens skin. Its anti-aging properties also enable your skin to remain younger
and more rediant looking

- Pearl powder is a widely used treatment of acne and skin purifier. It is also suitable for people
with sensitive skin.

- Glutathione is your body's antioxidant and detoxifier. It helps stimulate your body's immune
system to slow down the aging process.

- Camu camu contain the highest natural concentrated of immune-boosting Vitamin C and is
high in antioxidants. It comparison to oranges, it has 30-50 times more Vitamin C,
and Vitamin C is also essential in the formation of healthy collagen.


I love how mygenlife drink helps to maintain skin whitening and keep my skin glowy!
Direction of use: 1 bottle a day.
**Caution: If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a
doctor before consuming this product. Keep out of children, store in cool and dry place.


Also available in other category:

But of course, my favorite is still *whitening!

Get yours today on any category preferred at any Guardian stores @ $49.90


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New year!

It's gonna be another blessed year ahead!
Happy 2014!