Monday, January 27, 2014


Even though some people are more reluctant to admit it than others,
we all have to admit that we take people for granted. We get so used to having
all those realiable people around to pick up the pieces, that we forget to notice how
much they actually help us, how much attention they pay to our needs and how much
they care about us. If there is one thing that you should aim to do in your life, it's to
not take people for granted because one day when everything is falling apart, those
people who were always there before, might not stick around to be there again.

People often forget about our good and only remember our bad, they forgot who
are the ones who were there for them at their lowest point of time but will always
remember all the criticizes we've made. But do remember that in this world, people
will always have something to say regardless of what we do. Therefore, why take it
so serious? If you think that you did nothing wrong, then you shouldn't give a damn.
Just because you can't take people's criticizes, you lost a bff who understand you the
most, you lost your craziest soulmate who can tolerate all your nonsense, and become
enemy with them, the one who've been through so much with you through these years.
Worth it?