Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Been doing pretty well recently, how about you guys? Life's been like a roller coaster to me,
rushing to and forth from places to places to get my job done it's really tiring that I don't deny.
But the accomplishment definitely worth every minutes of the hard work I put in. Love wise, 
we're both doing great. Boyfriend had closed a number of sales for the past few months,
felt really happy for him with his confirmation and the success he made to his company
till his boss look up so high on him rather than someone else, HA!

Never trust easily, observe, think twice, pretty much sums up my life. Remembering
these three key points really helps me avoid unwanted people. A heart felt situation I've
learnt last year kinda makes me really a grown up now, seeing how realistic this world is.

No one is gonna clear the shits for you after you're in a mess even though they're one of
the culprit who makes you cause everything. It's like, both were once on the same boat
and then walaaaa..... became strangers over an asshole. How funny?