Friday, February 28, 2014

My daily skincare routine

In this post today, I'm gonna share with you guys on what I use for my daily skincare
regime. You know as we age, all this skincare product do play a fifty percent i  our life
and the other fifty percent would be make up products, haha! I'm a very loyal person,
that explain why I stay loyal to each product I use for years, I don't really change my
skincare products as and when because I believe it will only show visible result after long
term usage. And I don't use super pricey products, so long the products work well on my
skin I don't think it's a need to spend such amount on on branded skincare. After all it's
liquid, they just contain different types and amount of ingredients though.

I don't usually go for facial every month or so, I just go as and when I feel like or till I
think my face really need some rescue. But I do apply sheet mask every once a week.
There are many types of mask but the only brand I use is Leaders Insolution!
Read my review here.

Like I've said, I don't pay for the brand when it comes to skincare products,
never in life I've use brands like SK-ll, Lanaige, Clinique, etc... Same goes to make up
products, I don't use fancy brands like Chanel, Ysl, Bobbie brown, etc... But I do use
the brand called Makeup forever. That's probably the only brand I loved, not as pricey
as Chanel and etc. Makeup forvever work very well on me and I had received a number
of compliments from friends on how natural my make is instead of people using Chanel
looking sooooooooo cakey, yucks!

But please don't say I use cheapo brands hor! Thank you very much ya! I'm just using
affordable brands that show good visible results. So yup, I shall then start off with my
day time skincare regime first.


Step 1, Cleanser (Day&night)
I use EverSoft Whitening action. Some of my friends goes like, what?! This cleanser is selling only
at $4plus in fairprice, you sure it's good? Hey girls, trust me, it's really damn good(for me).
Been using this brand for years already man!

Step 2, Exfoliating gel (Once a week)
Believe it or not, I've been using Bio-essence deep exfoliating gel since I was in primary 6!
I use this every once a week, one bottle can last me for 4 months! Cool shit!

Step 3, Lotion/Toner (Day&night)
I fell in love with it ever since samplestore sponsored me the first bottle of Hada Labo whitening
lotion a year ago. I love it so much because it's non greasy as I've oily skin and this is
already my third bottle!

Step 4, Serum
I use Dermatics HydraBoost serum in the day to prevent skin drying from make up.
Apply the correct hydrating serum/products give a better dewy skin after applying make up.

Step 5, Eye cream (Day&night)
Needless to say, eye cream is a must! For eye cream I only like it in cream type, I don't know why
but I just like it. Haha! I'm using Nutriganics smoothing eye cream from the body shop.

Step 5, Pimple gel
I bought this from the facial shop I went since secondary school days. It's called the tea tree pimple
gel, works pretty well on my skin as it absorb well and it's non sticky. I hate pimple cream, because
pimples are cause by oily clogged pores so we shouldn't apply cream base to make it even oilier?
I only apply pimple gel during day time because in case the make up causes my skin to clogged my
pores and pimple is about to pop up, at least I have pimple gel to prevent it. Hahaha

Step 6, Sunblock
My favorite sunblock from Biore! Non sticky at all! With the scent of lemon, makes me feel very
refreshed every time after applying it 

After these 6 steps, I can then proceed with applying my makeup!


Now, lets move on to my night time skincare regime.

I shall skip my make up remover part, but if you're keen in knowing which brand of
makeup removal I'm using, I'm using Biore cleansing oil sheeet and Za deep cleansing
oil (light blue bottle) for waterproof make up like mascara. Because sheet type
can't really do the job well.

Step 1, Cleanser (Day&night)

Step 2, Toner/Lotion (Day&night)

Step 3, Serum
I'm using Nutriganics drop of youth from The body shop. This amazing serum absorb into my skin
within seconds after applying. I loooooove it!

Step 4, Firming serum
I used to only use this if I've big event or important date the next day. Because it really firm my
skin and make me look so chio in pictures! So I apply this every night now, be it is there any
programme the following day. Read my review of this this firming serum here!

Step 5, Eye cream (Day&night)

Step 6, Whitening perfect gel (Optional)
I apply this only on dark spots instead of my whole face. I also do apply on the scars on my body
parts as well. Visible lighten scars and dark spots after 1 week. 

Step 7, Moisturizer
I'm using Moisture white shiso whitening treatment moisturizer from The body shop.
Moisturizer is very important even for oily skin poeple. Some people may think that, "my skin is
already so oily, do I still need moisturizer?" Yes, of course you need! Especially for oily
skin type like me, by applying moisturizer actually make your skin less oilier! 

Right after the 7 steps, it's time for bed!
Goodnight ~