Monday, February 10, 2014

Rich kid

Few days back, I met this rich guy who drove a BMW z4, staying in a
3stories bungalow. He is not very well known but he do hangout with a few
famous bloggers. You guys must be thinking, wah.. who's that? Hahaha!

Here's the story, he invited his friends to his house for a gathering and
gambling session because it was Chinese New Year period back then. And he
ordered buffet to serve all his guest at 3pm. Many should know, there's a time
limit to consume buffet food, the buffet guy passed him the invoice together with
the time stated there very clearly, collection time is 8pm. Yup, so common sense
tells us that we should finish our food and if we can't finish it, jolly well packet
everything before 8pm before the guy come back to collect back everything.

This rich kid, paid the amout of 404bucks and told the man to keep the change
in an super arrogant manner. I was kinda turned off, like... Hey? Even though
you're rich, but you don't have to act this way! After all it's not your money,
it's your parents money anyway. I always have a thing for rich people, I detest
whenever they show big f attitude. Try to think it this way, if your parents didn't
work hard during their times, do you think you would have an abundance of
free flow cash now? Don't have to work, just stay home every afternoon, go
for brunch at high end cafe and then clubbing in the night with all the
famous bloggers and friends.

So all he care about was gambling till night. The buffet guy came and was
not entertained by anyone. It was 9.35pm, by the way. And many many
foods was left there, like totally untouched! This rich guy saw the buffet
guy came but he did nothing and continue with his gambling session.
Also, two of his friends were smoking near the buffet area but nobody
just wanna care about the buffet and and didn't give instruction whether
do they still want the food? So the buffet guy go ahead to clear
all the stuffs perparing to go off.

Then, this rich guy came out and asked if how can he keep the food?
I was like, what? You should've asked your maid to keep the food before
the buffet guy came right? Now that all the food has been thrown away,
everything is too late! So, who's fault? People even came half an hour late,
gave you so much time to keep those food.

This rich kid was angry, obviously. And slammed the door when he goes in to
the house and continue with his gambling. On a side note, since he's so damn
rich and arrogant. Thought he should behaved like, oh just throw away those
food la, we can call delivery later anytime.

But, no! He called up the buffet company for serveral days and complain
non stop. Saying that the buffet guy came at 8PM and threw away all his food.
WHAT THE FUCK?! LIES! Shame on you man! If you wanna act like a big fuck,
then please don't be a pussy behind. This kind of people, will be definitely
out of my life. 

I'm sure you guys desperately would like to know who's he right?
Here's some clues: he's damn fair like ah gua with a super V shaped face.