Sunday, March 30, 2014

Antoinette @ Penhas road

If you're following me on my Instagram, you should know my love for cafes.
I can cafe hop three to four cafes in a day or even continuously the whole week!
Honestly, it can be quite tiring but for its ambience and comfort food, it's totally worth
a visit. And most cafes are hidden, so my advise is please don't drive. So that you won't
have to waste time finding a parking lot to park your car and sometimes you might not even
find a parking lot. So to play save and not disappoint yourself, don't drive and take a cab!

In this post today, I'm gonna blog about one of my favorite cafe. The most beautiful
and nice cafe I've visited so far. Many should know about this cafe at their orchard branch
but you should really check out their another branch at Penhas road! Their french
vintage theme interior is simply too lovely!

Very got feel right?! The moment I stepped in, I was like... Woahhhhhh ~~~

Went there at about 9pm, so we didn't order any main course as we had it at Stranger's reunion beforehand.
And so we only ordered their dessert and a pot of tea. I swear, their dessert are so good and pretty!

I tell you, even their restroom is damn pretty as well!

See, I didn't lie right! As if at any five star hotel. Their restroom interior simply got the parisian feel that
we can't help but to do what vain girls do, let me take a selfie! Hahaha

Total bill was only $37plus, after dbs card discount was only $27plus, if I'm not wrong.
I'll definitely go back again even though their food are a little pricey but like I've said, for its
ambience and food was not bad too, why not?

30 Penhas Road (Off Lavender street),
Singapore 208188

Operating hours:
Mondays to Thursdays : 11am - 10pm
Fridays and eve of public holidays : 11am - 11pm
Saturdays : 10am - 11pm
Sundays and public holidays : 10am - 10pm

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hatter Street Cafe

As the cafe culture is getting stronger, and I'm so into cafe hopping recently!
If you're following my instagram, you must have notice that I've been posting food &
dessert pictures at different cafes, and some similar food & dessert pictures at the same
places because it was simply too good that I would definitely go back several times!

On Sunday '16th, I went to Hatter Street Cafe located at Kovan. Am so glad that there're
great cafes located nearby my house area, especially Serangoon garden! It's definitely
the next great chill out place other than Dempsey hill and Clarke quay.

What I love about Hatter street cafe is their vanilla whoaffles! So goooooood~ even my
boyfriend said so. He is not a fan of any kind of desserts by the way, so when he
say any particular dessert is good means it's really damn good!

I had vanilla whoaffles with salted caramel ice cream. I don't know how should I
describe their whoaffle, it's unlike other waffles soft and fluffy. This is kinda crispy!

Other than their desserts, ambience are good too.
"Alice in the wonderland theme"

Menu are all on the wall, so safe your breath asking for their menu when you visit therm!
Usually I don't look at it as I would normally order their hot chocolate, whoaffles, sawdust pudding,
coffee and any other interesting dessert display at the counter, like hello kitty macarons!

This is one of the cafe on my cafe list that I would definitely go back!
And it's pocket friendly as they don't charge gst and service charge!!! For people staying in
the north-east, lucky you! If you don't, please do visit! Their whoaffles are simply too good!
Like I've said if you're following me on my instagram (@cherlyntann) I've visited a few cafes
the past few months and have never blog about any. I believe you guys know what imma
trying to say. Just one word, too good! Do try it out peeps! :)

If you're wondering where is it? It's located near Nakhon kitchen, the famous thai food
restaurant at Kovan. Well, if you still have no idea where is it then please use the map
on your cell phone in order to get to the correct place.

My advise, have dinner at Nakhon kitchen then dessert at Hattere Street cafe.
So that for people who're staying in north/west area, you don't have to go all the way down to
Hatter's cafe just for dessert but dinner as well. That could probably sum up your evening!

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212
Telephone: +65 6988 4591

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blog pictures

Had changed the pictures on the right sidebar of my blog, like finally!
Previously, those pictures was three years ago! I've been so lazy nowadays.
Been taking afternoon nap almost everyday excluding weekends of course.
Since I'm damn free recently, so I decided snapped a few shot of my face.

Previous sidebar pictures, 3 years ago...
Lousy lightning, lousy camera, lousy hairstyle...
So yup, 1 picture is enough.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Biore Uru Uru 2-In-1 Instant Foaming Wash - Advertorial

Press Release

Uru Uru means, “soft & moist skin”

2 steps in 1 remove and cleanse at the same time! Convenient and time saving!
But do note, this is only for user with light make ups on. Like me la, natural beauty is
the best right? Say no to drama makeup! Haha! Anyway, this foam targets young mother
and PMEBS, (Professionals, managers, executives, businesswomen). Because these
are the people who are usually with light makeup.

Sometimes I apply light makeup on and when it comes to removing it, I find it
a waste like I have to waste my makeup remover again. You know, it's just light makeup
only! So I always have this mindset, since I have to remove everything at the end of the day
right, why not just apply everything la, which means full makeup on even though I'm only out
for dinner. This is so I won't waste that one sheet of remover sheet and make full use of it!

So! Now with Biore Uru Uru 2 in 1 Instant foaming wash, I can remove my minimal makeup
off and cleanse my face at the same time! Whoa... one stone kill two birds, I like!

How to use?
Just 3 pumps to remove light makeup, dirt and sebum in 1 steps! 8x denser foam
ensure close contact with skin and pores with minimal harsh cleaning motion.

***Only remove light makeup which includes - face powder, liquid foundation,
BB cream, blusher, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss and UV products.

***Does not remove waterproof makeup such as - eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes
or any other thick drama makeup.

I currently have at least 3 type of makeup products on in the picture below.
Liquid foundation, loose powder, blusher and eyebrow pencil.

I can say that it remove thoroughly and cleanse my face! I really love how this product
works and the scent of the product. You should seriously buy and try it yourself!
Exclusively on at Watsons, SGD14.90/60ml. It can be use up to about 70 times!

To my readers, ‘LIKE’ Samples store's Facebook & Instagram and 10 lucky
people will win Biore Uru Uru 2 in 1 instant foaming wash. Yup, it's simple as that!
Good luck!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hater's not gonna hate

A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success.
Instead of giving acknowledgment in courtesy, a hater often pursues his/her point by
exposing a flaw in the target subject. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly
jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the
hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.

There's one thing that I always don't quite understand is that why do someone
has to block someone on social media platform? be it on Facebook, instagram
or twitter? Don't you wanna show your haters how good you're living your life now,
or is it because you've got something to hide? I always hear my friends around me
saying like, "Oh I don't like her, so I shall private my profile in order not to let her
view by any chance or I better block her so that she can't see whatever I post."
Wtf... Don't you feel tired?

It's like she's hiding from you and you're hiding from her? C'mon, It's just a
profile where you share your pictures and not your background of everything right?
In the first place when you created that particular account, you should be prepared
to get "expose" if one simply hate people knowing about there life that they have to
blocked someone or fully private their profile like a coward then my advise to you is,
please fucking deactivate your account! I don't have a thing for people who private
their profile la, but block someone? That really turned me off! Especially when a
guy do that, damn pussy!

Some people even use their boyfriend's account to block you, because that
bitch hate you. Some people will block you and private their profile in order not to
let you see anything, but they create a fake account and follow you. This's damn WTF!
Or some will stalk you and other people's instagram as and when they feel like, even
though they hate you. When you look at their search history you'll goes like,
"Whoa, she stalk so many people?!" There's such person okay! As that's what
a guy told me about her ex. LOL!

Frankly speaking, I do have a very fewww people I hate, probably only 2? And I
don't do all these because hat's so childish and tiring! And I'm not like those keyboard
warrior who post about someone everywhere on their social media platforms. The very
most I'll just rant on my blog like a mad woman, scream and shout while typing. Haha!
My online diary what, of course I got the right to rant about anything on this space?

Oh! And I'm a very forgiving person, I forgive and forget easily. That's also
the reason why I'm back being friends with people I once hated. As time goes we
people change and things change, we can't stay on that spot forever having the
same mindset. We must not be narrow minded and let bygones be bygones.
Anyway, it's the past and we don't live in the past!

I'm glad that I actually have another good friend, whom I can
share my ups and downs to. A very good listening ear and at the same time told
me off for my wrong doing and laziness. You know, I used to hate her so much in
the past. Whenever I see her in the house, I just felt seriously turned off and I
always blamed her for ruining my day. Haha!

Well, hater's NOT gonna hate forever if only you open up your mind so that
you can set yourself free and not hide behind stalking people on instagram,
feeling jealous and start to give bad comments. Nah, that's not the way girl!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Good news!

The crazy hazy weather in sg recently is so warm and hot each and
everyday! I pity my boyfriend so much because he has to drive here and there,
walk here and there doing cold calls. Sales job is not easy, one must really have
determination in order to succeed. Good news, hard work pays off! My boyfriend
hit his sales target and will be able to go for an incentive trip to shanghai soon
the next few months. Bad news is that I'll be alone in sg, as usual. Sigh!
On a side note, I'm so proud of my boyfriend. Becoming a better man!

But I'm so happy for my boyfriend being financially stable now, unlike the
days when he's in the army. The second good news is that my boyfriend will
be getting a new car by this year probably in August or earlier. He's not
getting any fancy sports car the moment yet. Will be getting swift sport
first until he switch his job to interior design sale next year then he might
be changing to BMW z4 by then. Anyway, still a long way to go!
We're both hoping that things goes as we plan.

The last good news, my boyfriend and I are going to apply for bto this
Saturday! Hopefully we meet all the requirements and qualify! We'll be
applying a 4room flat in punggol, probably punggol bay view if there's still
any because the bto has been ongoing since Jan, I think! My boyfriend and
I really love punggol bay view as it's facing the sea! How good?!

So, probably when the bto and boyfriend's car is settle, we will then 
get married in the next 2 or 3 years? Haha! Probably in 2016? Because
I always wanted a baby born in the year of monkey. Why year of monkey
because my boyfriend and I are born in the year of monkey as well. I hope
for a monkey baby because if let's say it is a girl, she be like me and if it
is a boy he'll be like my boyfriend. Hahaha! I seriously hope for a girl
but my boyfriend want a boy no matter what! So yup, we shall see
what God decide to give us then.