Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hatter Street Cafe

As the cafe culture is getting stronger, and I'm so into cafe hopping recently!
If you're following my instagram, you must have notice that I've been posting food &
dessert pictures at different cafes, and some similar food & dessert pictures at the same
places because it was simply too good that I would definitely go back several times!

On Sunday '16th, I went to Hatter Street Cafe located at Kovan. Am so glad that there're
great cafes located nearby my house area, especially Serangoon garden! It's definitely
the next great chill out place other than Dempsey hill and Clarke quay.

What I love about Hatter street cafe is their vanilla whoaffles! So goooooood~ even my
boyfriend said so. He is not a fan of any kind of desserts by the way, so when he
say any particular dessert is good means it's really damn good!

I had vanilla whoaffles with salted caramel ice cream. I don't know how should I
describe their whoaffle, it's unlike other waffles soft and fluffy. This is kinda crispy!

Other than their desserts, ambience are good too.
"Alice in the wonderland theme"

Menu are all on the wall, so safe your breath asking for their menu when you visit therm!
Usually I don't look at it as I would normally order their hot chocolate, whoaffles, sawdust pudding,
coffee and any other interesting dessert display at the counter, like hello kitty macarons!

This is one of the cafe on my cafe list that I would definitely go back!
And it's pocket friendly as they don't charge gst and service charge!!! For people staying in
the north-east, lucky you! If you don't, please do visit! Their whoaffles are simply too good!
Like I've said if you're following me on my instagram (@cherlyntann) I've visited a few cafes
the past few months and have never blog about any. I believe you guys know what imma
trying to say. Just one word, too good! Do try it out peeps! :)

If you're wondering where is it? It's located near Nakhon kitchen, the famous thai food
restaurant at Kovan. Well, if you still have no idea where is it then please use the map
on your cell phone in order to get to the correct place.

My advise, have dinner at Nakhon kitchen then dessert at Hattere Street cafe.
So that for people who're staying in north/west area, you don't have to go all the way down to
Hatter's cafe just for dessert but dinner as well. That could probably sum up your evening!

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212
Telephone: +65 6988 4591