Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Essential - Advertorial

Day and Night Treatment Regime Repairs and Nourishes Round the Clock.
 Prep your hair at night to look great the next morning with the new treatment range by Essential. 
Introducing an innovative new hair treatment concept, the Essential Leave-On Treatment range helps
repair  and nourish your precious locks round the clock, even while you sleep!

When sleeping, tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, creating friction.We call such friction caused by the pillow as Pillow Friction. Pillow Friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles.We call such hair damage caused by pillow friction as Pillow Damage. As a result of Pillow Damage, you wake up the next day with frizzy, unmanageable hair like a lion’s mane. This is commonly referred to as bed hair. To solve this problem, people usually have no choice but to wash their hair in the morning. Washing  hair ‘resets’ the uneven alignment of hair cuticles and makes hair smooth and manageable again. However, by having to wash hair in the morning, they have to wake earlier and sacrifice beauty sleep. Alternative solution to the bed hair caused by Pillow Damage is to use new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask, which protects each hair strand and minimizes Pillow Damage.

Comprising of an intensive repair Treatment Milk(for night use) and revitalizing Hair Serum(for day use),
this new day and night treatment range is specially formulated with Cuticle Care and Cuticle Protection  ingredients that weightlessly repairs and moisturizes damaged hair cuticles. It also shields it
from external stresses such as friction and humidity.


My (Day 1 night) kind of hair in the morning...
 Super frizzy, messy and unmanageable, I hate it!

I apply Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk in the night before I sleep and taaadaaaaaaaaaaa!
(Day 2 morning)
Looking good isn't it?! So smooth and soft and straight and no frizzy frizzy hair!!! Of course, not forgetting to apply Essential Leave-On Hair Serum as well to maintain it throughout the whole day!

(Day 2 night)
Every single strands of hair is untangle!!!
Continuing on the hair treatment routine as previous night and I'm even more pleased with the
result the next day!
(Day 3 morning)

So, how do I achieve that kind of dream hair every girls want?
Continue reading ~!

*New Essential Leave-On Treatment Range*

Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk
Non greasy and light weight, this treatment milk is perfect for night use. It intensively repairs and protect hair from "pillow damage" while you sleep. Keeping your tresses beautifully soft and healthy!

Use on towel dried or damp hair, pump and appropriate amount onto palm then spread and apply evenly onto hair concentrating on mid length to the tip of hair. Last but not least, don't rinse off and go to bed!

Essential Leave-On Hair Serum
 Concentrated yet non sticky, this new hair serum instantly gives hair a healthy gloss and forms a protective veil over it. Apply this before you head out or as a mid day pick me up!

Use on towel dried hair, damp hair or before blow drying. Pump and appropriate amount onto palm then spread and apply evenly onto hair concentrating on mid length to the tip of hair.


The Essential Leave-On Treatment range is available from March 2014 at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies.

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I really really love both treatment milk and serum very very much! So hurry and get yours today!


Monday, April 28, 2014

What have I been doing?

A few friends asked, "Hey, what've you been doing all these while? Still hopping around with different event jobs?" My replied was, "Nah, I don't survive with that kind of job, moreover I have no interest with those kinda job now and because those kinda job is too hard to handle. You know, bitches and gossips." Been seeing many many new girls are doing event job right now, some are even my secondary school's ah lians. Err... fine, I'm speechless. As for what I've been up to all this while, I'm a full time OL. Hehehe ~ Working as a secretary in a company located in the east, been working for close to 4years as an OL, time to change my career path maybe? Uhm... I shall see how it goes as I can't afford to be jobless now because of the bto.

Also, people have been asking whether do I have any plan to further pursue my studies? My current answer is a no even though I've been wanting to get a diploma cert since few years back. Anyway, I've got a pretty good pay job therefore I don't intend to further my studies at the moment and I don't really have the time either, too many ongoing things not done yet! Although many says that getting a diploma is good for our future blah blah blah, but I can't to realize something. Some of my diploma holder friend's salary are actually lower than mine! I ever asked my boss, if I were to pursue my studies and get a diploma cert, what will my salary be like? My boss replied, "200bucks increment?" HE MUST BE FCKING KIDDING ME MAN! So I spend four thousand over dollars just for that 200bucks different from my current salary? You guys must be thinking, "take diploma first then change a new job" right? I did check the market and do a research, salaries are all paying at about the same as what I'm currently getting unless I have 1 or 2 years of experience? And I definitely don't have because I've been doing secty job all along and if I were to take a diploma, I intend to take sales and marketing. Don't tell me after getting a diploma I still have to start from basic, with a salary lower than my current job then slowly work for years to get my desired pay?

Time, money and youth wait for no one, since I'm doing well now then I shall not make a change because I don't wanna feel any regret. If I am given the chance to go back to study, I already had a job in mind but then again, I dare not think much as I'm currently doing good. I don't wanna force myself, get tired, rush for work and study at the same time, and I definitely don't wanna have lesser time to spend with my boyfriend!


Friday, April 25, 2014


Keep in mind that part of growing up is dealing with difficult issues, and the benefits can be great if you have the courage to ask for help. Human beings are not designed to go through life alone. No one has to bear the burden of tough times all by themselves. I'm the only child at home and I'm very blessed that I always have my boyfriend being there for me all the times, spoilt me with good food and things I like or demand all the times. But frankly I won't deny that sometimes he's quite irritating, hahaha! Like he'll keep making fun of me till I literally goes mad all the times and he sometimes being so dirty that I can't stand it! You know, he can don't bathe for the whole day even after a long day at work, eewwww! Well, love is blind and I just like the way he is, fun, cheeky and funny. But he do have a serious side of him as well and not being playful all the times, he know when to stop and when to start cracking a joke. He's that kind of guy that I'm willing to spend the rest of my life with. Not because he drive, not because he can send/fetch me to and forth everyday to work/afterwork, not because he pay for most of my expenses. It's because he'll always be there for me no matter what, understand me and accepted my past, he would stay up late making sure that I reach home safely after my outing with friends, he make plans for our future, bring my little cousins out for swimming and to their favorite fast food restaurant, he cook for me occasionally, wash the dishes almost all the times, and he always make sure I'm hundred percent full if not he'll force me eat more! That's also the reason why I've been putting on weight ever since I'm with him. I used to be 47kg but I guess I'm at least 50kg now, I don't know? Because I dare not weigh myself! I can never except the fact that my weight will appear "5" for the first digit but well... at least I'm fat but I feel loved and blessed! But I'm 170cm though, so 50kg is still not that bad? Hur hur ~ self convincing. Sum up everything between us, there are never enough I love you's.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling shitty

Life can be rough sometimes, and most people at one time or another feels like shit.
This can mean different things for different people. It might include feeling sad, angry, stressed out,
or fed up. It might also be a sense of not feeling like yourself or feeling physically sick. When we're feeling
shitty, we might have the urge to lash out at someone, even if they had nothing to do with our feelings. Life is
never easy for anyone, we often work so hard day till night just to achieve our dreams and goals. I'm coping
well surprisingly and will never give up because I dream for a carefree life in future. I've learnt that one should not care so much with things that aren't related or simply just take things easily as so long we pint hope on things that's not gonna happen or it didn't, we'll then feel disappointed and feel like a shit for days. I'm feeling shitty today for being too kind to people as usual, I should learn to go the hard way next time perhaps? Days like this, I would loved to be alone and have some me time to analyze on situation. Long bus ride helps a lot, but unfortunately I don't have the time as I grew up. Society is cruel and 24/7 a day is not enough. Sigh! But what to do? Everyone work for a living in this high spending little red dot, if I give up I know I'm not only gonna feel shitty but eat shit as well! Some people are just born to be a spoon feed, dealing with such I definitely have to go the hard way! That's my conclusion after analyzing it this morning, if you have a better ways or ideas do let me know. In work, we meet all sorts of people and some are really the hard to handle kind. I'm glad that I have seniors who're understanding and caring whenever I have a problem, except for some! And friends that I can turn to whenever I face any difficult problem. I'm too blessed, maybe? And I feel so much better ranting here, if you are reading, thank you so much for your precious time. Okay, heads up! I can't accept the fact that work is pulling me down and making me stressful. Well, there will always be rainbow after the rain yea? Anyway, it's lunch time! How I wish to cafehop instead of having lunch box ;( Am craving for Lola's cafe avocado eggs benedict and the best of the best honey paprika wings man! They serve really good brunch I swear, if you're free or around Kovan area, be sure to check them out!

Awaiting for your arrival weekends! One more day to go and taaaadaaaa.... TGIF ~
This weekend is gonna be a great one, therefore I can't wait!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The next few months...

Had many plans for the upcoming months, feeling real damn excited for all!
If you've been reading my blog since two years ago, I did mentioned that I'm putting on braces
soonnnnnnnnnnn till now, haven't. Haha! It's because my case is quite complicated as I've two angular
wisdom tooth which need to be extract AND, my dentist told me that wisdom tooth work in pairs ao if I
extract the bottom two, I'll have to extract the upper two as well if not it'll grow longer and hit my cheek....
Something like that!!! I'm not very sure so correct me if I'm wrong, because I wasn't very attentive when my
dentist is talking to me, wahahaha! SOOOOOO, I have to extract four wisdom tooth and four normal tooth
or the second molar tooth, whatever it is called as I'm not an expert in toothsss so yup... a total of eight tooth
need to be extract before I proceed on with braces. Because it's damn fcking eight tooth so I need some
mental prepare! I schedule it in October due to some issues but fret not, I'm not gonna drag any further,
no matter what the braces will be put on by this year!!! For people who are intending to put on braces
and don't know which dental clinic is the best for you? I went to Alfred Cheng dental clinic at Mount E
so if you're keen, google it out! :)

You guys must be thinking I don't need braces right? Yes, I can say that I don't really need it as I
look fine from the front but, not from the side. Due to having a small jaw, my front tooth is actually
protruding and because of having a small jaw, that causes angular wisdom! Because they don't have
enough space to grow in a proper way, damn! To me, having a nice smile is very important that's why
I decided to put on braces. It's gonna be a ugly 1.5 years for me but come to think of the aftermath,
it's definitely worth it! Ugly for 1.5 years but can look pretty for life after that, WHY NOT?! ;D

Coming up June, I'll be going to Bangkok! A short getaway with my guy for the first time!
Previously I did mentioned that this short trip will be in July but because I'm those "I can't wait" type.
We actually push forward to one month earlier, on 29th June which is our 4th year anniversary!
Just nice! Hurrhurr ~ And because recently I finally renewed my damn passport which expired for four
years, been really into travelling now! So I hope in December my dream trip in mind will come true ~~~

Last but not least, May is my birthday month! Honestly I don't have any plan for my birthday yet but
I can sense that there's some ongoing plan by my girls and I'm quite excited too because it's a two days
one night plan. But please don't be a chalet because I seriously detest chalet!!! Don't ask me why because
I don't know! I just don't like it so sometimes when friends invite me to his/her birthday chalet, I'll start to
give all sort of reasons that I can't make it! HAHA! My girls, got my *hint hint? WAHAHA ^^

There are many many more plans and most of my friends are turning to their big 21st this year!
I really look forward to it and hope everything goes on smoothly! 

Till then,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


They are many kinds of people, many kind of your so called friends out there.
So, who are your true friends? Who are those who won't bad mouth and stab you from the back?
Who are those that will encourage you instead of pulling you down all the times? Who are the
ones that will always be there for you when you needed them and how many is willing to
held both hands out to help you during critical times? Questions mark...

Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back
and I call that, fake friends! They always have A LOT to say on whatever things you do, comment
this and that and won't get tired for thousand years! After commenting and so on, both party become
enemy. Then, few years later become best friends again. WIN LIAO LOR! You guys bo liao is it?
You think this is cool? This is the trend or are you trying to act like a small kid? When you're happy
you friend her, then at times when you're not happy and feeling JEALOUS, you don't friend her?

I understand that between bffs, they are often very straight forward with each other, picking on
each other's bad point but sometimes being tooooo straight forward ain't a good thing actually. If you
notice, some people can't take criticism even though you might just be kidding. Sometimes people
give nasty comments because they're jealous. Example like if you bought a LV bag and your bff give
comment like, "eeeeee.... LV is a auntie brand and this design is not my type leh, so ugly!"

After hearing this kind of comment coming from your bff, how would you feel?
Wtf? Non of her business? I got money to buy leh, jealous? Not your type then your problem la!
So the thing is, why can't a person just learn to let it be instead of feeling jealous all the times?
By the way, jealousy kills!!!

If you're jealous that someone has more luxury bags than you, then jolly well work harder for it instead
of feeling jealous 24/7 and because you can't take it, you give nasty comment on things that you can't afford.
That only make you look stupid and childish! And if you're jealous he/she has got a better life than you,
then fcking work harder to earn it double! So the moral of the story, WORK HARD!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Me, feeling super excited for the next few months to come! Omg, I feeling very very blessed!
May is my birthday month, even though I'm a year older but so what? I'm always young at heart!
Haha ~ And June marks our 4th year anniversary! Feeling so loved and happy whenever he's around
as he never fail to make me laugh like a mad woman! And finally after being together for 4 damn years,
we're going for our first ever trip to Bangkok on the coming July! Feeling super excited for it because
like I've said it's our first trip and, MY FIRST TRIP! Yup, believe it or not, it's my first time taking the
plane after leaving in this world for twenty two damn years! Hehehe...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Money issue

From time to time we always heard of people quarreled over money issue with someone.
It really beats me why is it so hurtful when it comes to money issue? Maybe it's because those
are ones hard earn money or something? Cases like lending of money and... cheating. So what do
I mean by cheating? It means, one day when you hangout with your bff or whoever, they always
don't have enough cash with them. But that's totally fine because they can always withdrawal after that
and I'm also fine with paying for them first. The problem is, you know that you're gonna spend on things during a shopping spree then jolly well withdrawal some cash, right? Even if it's not for spending
but at least have some spare cash for in case anything happen, no?

Another thing is that, because I'm often too easy-going and kind, I would say. I always don't
mind paying for my friends first but sometimes, they do take me for granted. I've no idea if they
really forgot about it or they purposely act like they've forgotten. And I've a problem with reminding
people that, "hey you still owe me 10bucks" or so... you know, that kind of feeling sucks! Therefore
I'll always let it be and convince myself that, "iyah it's just a small amount..."

But! Time after time, they tend to cross the line by asking me to pay for them first EVERYTIME.
They do return SOMETIMES(but not in the exact amount) They'll goes like, "oh I don't have change."
What?! Then fucking buy something and get some small change right? I know it's just a few cents
or a few dollars but every cents count and it's all hard earn money, c'mon! I don't grow up with
a golden spoon, I don't understand why some people still wanna cheat my money?

This don't happened only once but countless of times! I'm very disappointed.
If you're penniless then don't ask people out, please! Stop being so fucked up, if not you're
not going to have any friends! And if you realize I've stop asking you out and reject you when
you ask, you are the one! I really don't wanna lose a friend like you but I've no choice.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My love

If love can be avoided by simply closing our eyes, then I wouldn't blink at all for I don't want
to let a second pass having fallen out of love with you.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Black x White

The best revenge is massive success!

Till then, xx

Friday, April 04, 2014

Darlie - Advertorial

Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean!

- Clinical proven effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days

- Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains

- Clinical proven effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days.

- Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains.

- Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules effectively absorb dirt and deeply clean your mouth.

- Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules which absorb dirt and deep clean the mouth. Combine with SWA whitening agent which delivers effective whitening result, bringing dual whitening benefits.

- Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules effectively absorb dirt and deeply clean your mouth
- Fluoride for healthy teeth

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Available at selected major NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime and other
leading supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores from March 2014.


Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hard work pays off!

If you've been a reader of mine, I did mentioned a good news three weeks ago that my boyfriend might be getting a car in this coming July and we're gonna apply for bto as well. Today, the good news is that my boyfriend has bought his car! That's kinda fast, even I didn't expect him to get it so soon! It's not any fanciful ones but at least it's one of his favorite and that kind of sense of achievement! Felling damn great! I'm really happy for him, to see him this successful after army. Unlike those who're hanging there doing nothing after they ord. What I can say is all you need is a good job that you really have passion in it.

Yup! I deleted the blog post I posted previously because some pea brain kid assumed
many things which kinda turned me off. C'mon, you don't know the story of my life! I don't want people to misunderstand anything and moreover this's my personal life, as long as I'm happy with it, why do you care? You're green-eyed to see me living so well? You're even green-eyed that my boyfriend looks good like a pretty boy with dimple? Haha! You're also green-eyed that I'm a show off bitch. Well, at least I have things to show off about, how about you? Nothing. Yes, nothing. Therefore you can only feel jealous.

My boyfriend did not take a single cent from his parents, he ord on Sep 2013, he work
hard and saved every single cent. Not that his dad is a director what, he did not save
all his army pay, etc. So please don't assume! If you're gonna repost whatever I said then kindly go ahead as I don't give a damn and low life people like you are living miserably because all you know is to feel jealous and criticize people who're better than you! I got the right to be happy for my boyfriend, and I definitely got the right to blog about what I want as this is a space of mine. If you detest anything, jolly well don't visit this space. Stop all your childish act and don't think I don't know who're you behind everything. But I'm kinda happy actually, cause I didn't share the blog post that I posted previously yet you founded out
and even repost it with your rubbish comments. That means you actually read my blog? Haha!

Maybe I shall expose you soon perhaps...?