Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Essential - Advertorial

Day and Night Treatment Regime Repairs and Nourishes Round the Clock.
 Prep your hair at night to look great the next morning with the new treatment range by Essential. 
Introducing an innovative new hair treatment concept, the Essential Leave-On Treatment range helps
repair  and nourish your precious locks round the clock, even while you sleep!

When sleeping, tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, creating friction.We call such friction caused by the pillow as Pillow Friction. Pillow Friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles.We call such hair damage caused by pillow friction as Pillow Damage. As a result of Pillow Damage, you wake up the next day with frizzy, unmanageable hair like a lion’s mane. This is commonly referred to as bed hair. To solve this problem, people usually have no choice but to wash their hair in the morning. Washing  hair ‘resets’ the uneven alignment of hair cuticles and makes hair smooth and manageable again. However, by having to wash hair in the morning, they have to wake earlier and sacrifice beauty sleep. Alternative solution to the bed hair caused by Pillow Damage is to use new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask, which protects each hair strand and minimizes Pillow Damage.

Comprising of an intensive repair Treatment Milk(for night use) and revitalizing Hair Serum(for day use),
this new day and night treatment range is specially formulated with Cuticle Care and Cuticle Protection  ingredients that weightlessly repairs and moisturizes damaged hair cuticles. It also shields it
from external stresses such as friction and humidity.


My (Day 1 night) kind of hair in the morning...
 Super frizzy, messy and unmanageable, I hate it!

I apply Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk in the night before I sleep and taaadaaaaaaaaaaa!
(Day 2 morning)
Looking good isn't it?! So smooth and soft and straight and no frizzy frizzy hair!!! Of course, not forgetting to apply Essential Leave-On Hair Serum as well to maintain it throughout the whole day!

(Day 2 night)
Every single strands of hair is untangle!!!
Continuing on the hair treatment routine as previous night and I'm even more pleased with the
result the next day!
(Day 3 morning)

So, how do I achieve that kind of dream hair every girls want?
Continue reading ~!

*New Essential Leave-On Treatment Range*

Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk
Non greasy and light weight, this treatment milk is perfect for night use. It intensively repairs and protect hair from "pillow damage" while you sleep. Keeping your tresses beautifully soft and healthy!

Use on towel dried or damp hair, pump and appropriate amount onto palm then spread and apply evenly onto hair concentrating on mid length to the tip of hair. Last but not least, don't rinse off and go to bed!

Essential Leave-On Hair Serum
 Concentrated yet non sticky, this new hair serum instantly gives hair a healthy gloss and forms a protective veil over it. Apply this before you head out or as a mid day pick me up!

Use on towel dried hair, damp hair or before blow drying. Pump and appropriate amount onto palm then spread and apply evenly onto hair concentrating on mid length to the tip of hair.


The Essential Leave-On Treatment range is available from March 2014 at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies.

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