Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hard work pays off!

If you've been a reader of mine, I did mentioned a good news three weeks ago that my boyfriend might be getting a car in this coming July and we're gonna apply for bto as well. Today, the good news is that my boyfriend has bought his car! That's kinda fast, even I didn't expect him to get it so soon! It's not any fanciful ones but at least it's one of his favorite and that kind of sense of achievement! Felling damn great! I'm really happy for him, to see him this successful after army. Unlike those who're hanging there doing nothing after they ord. What I can say is all you need is a good job that you really have passion in it.

Yup! I deleted the blog post I posted previously because some pea brain kid assumed
many things which kinda turned me off. C'mon, you don't know the story of my life! I don't want people to misunderstand anything and moreover this's my personal life, as long as I'm happy with it, why do you care? You're green-eyed to see me living so well? You're even green-eyed that my boyfriend looks good like a pretty boy with dimple? Haha! You're also green-eyed that I'm a show off bitch. Well, at least I have things to show off about, how about you? Nothing. Yes, nothing. Therefore you can only feel jealous.

My boyfriend did not take a single cent from his parents, he ord on Sep 2013, he work
hard and saved every single cent. Not that his dad is a director what, he did not save
all his army pay, etc. So please don't assume! If you're gonna repost whatever I said then kindly go ahead as I don't give a damn and low life people like you are living miserably because all you know is to feel jealous and criticize people who're better than you! I got the right to be happy for my boyfriend, and I definitely got the right to blog about what I want as this is a space of mine. If you detest anything, jolly well don't visit this space. Stop all your childish act and don't think I don't know who're you behind everything. But I'm kinda happy actually, cause I didn't share the blog post that I posted previously yet you founded out
and even repost it with your rubbish comments. That means you actually read my blog? Haha!

Maybe I shall expose you soon perhaps...?