Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Money issue

From time to time we always heard of people quarreled over money issue with someone.
It really beats me why is it so hurtful when it comes to money issue? Maybe it's because those
are ones hard earn money or something? Cases like lending of money and... cheating. So what do
I mean by cheating? It means, one day when you hangout with your bff or whoever, they always
don't have enough cash with them. But that's totally fine because they can always withdrawal after that
and I'm also fine with paying for them first. The problem is, you know that you're gonna spend on things during a shopping spree then jolly well withdrawal some cash, right? Even if it's not for spending
but at least have some spare cash for in case anything happen, no?

Another thing is that, because I'm often too easy-going and kind, I would say. I always don't
mind paying for my friends first but sometimes, they do take me for granted. I've no idea if they
really forgot about it or they purposely act like they've forgotten. And I've a problem with reminding
people that, "hey you still owe me 10bucks" or so... you know, that kind of feeling sucks! Therefore
I'll always let it be and convince myself that, "iyah it's just a small amount..."

But! Time after time, they tend to cross the line by asking me to pay for them first EVERYTIME.
They do return SOMETIMES(but not in the exact amount) They'll goes like, "oh I don't have change."
What?! Then fucking buy something and get some small change right? I know it's just a few cents
or a few dollars but every cents count and it's all hard earn money, c'mon! I don't grow up with
a golden spoon, I don't understand why some people still wanna cheat my money?

This don't happened only once but countless of times! I'm very disappointed.
If you're penniless then don't ask people out, please! Stop being so fucked up, if not you're
not going to have any friends! And if you realize I've stop asking you out and reject you when
you ask, you are the one! I really don't wanna lose a friend like you but I've no choice.