Thursday, May 15, 2014

That Jerk

The world is a scary place. There are lots of pissed of people and people who want to drag you down to their level. If somebody gives you the middle finger while driving, smile back at them and let them spend their energy being cranky. Don't let somebody else's bad day control the outcome of yours. If you have to deal with a grumpy person, kill them with kindness. Often times your unfounded happiness will make them realize how big of a jerk they are being.

I've learnt and I really really learnt this time round. I shouldn't be that soft-hearted and I shouldn't have went for your dad's birthday dinner last year. And I really didn't expect you to make a big fuss over a selfie of me and your ex gf. Like, why so worked up? GUILTY? Probably yes, because you not only badmouthed about me, but a lot of people and no wonder you got no friends, everyone hate you! I really didn't expect you to badmouthed about me when I did nothing wrong? And you fucking push all the blame to me and make your ex gf hate me so damn much in the past. Truth unveiled! So stop all your innocent acts and make me the devil. You, being such a pussy and petty like a bitch. After that previous incident, you did not learn your lesson? Why wanna be so sensitive and create the same drama again?! I mean, if you did nothing wrong, you don't have to be afraid and I got my freedom to be friends with whoever I like, right? Why do you bother, and why do you have to control what and which kind of friends I make? So what if that person is your ex gf? What has it got to do with you since you and her are already the past? Like I said, if you did nothing wrong in the past you don't have to be scared or you're guilty? And indeed, YOU'RE FEELING GUILTY!

We girls can even put down the past, clear the air between us and being generous to be friends back. Even girls okay? So why can't you? Always wanna avoid this and that, prevent your current gf to talk to any of us. Why? One word - GUILTY! You stir shits up, push all the blames around and cause people to quarrel over you and that's so stupid! I find myself stupid for quarreling with your ex gf over you! OMG! Your brothers, friends and other people out there has got no problem with bgr, but why is it always you? The one who has got so many problems going on and on, never ending! Didn't you realize the problem lies on you? Because you keep pushing things that you did to other people(including me). Excuse me? Both of us got no link, yea? Why must you push everything to me everytime? Trying to make every of your gf hate me so that she&I don't have a single chance to talk about you? Then jolly well don't do so many shameless things, right? Aren't you tired of having to hide, avoid, prevent, scared of everything all the time?

One thing I don't quite understand is that, last week you actually called up your ex gf's family out for dinner, so why can't I be friend with your ex gf? Isn't it funny? Like instead of treating your current gf's family, you treat your EX GF'S FAMILY for dinner? You're such a big joke of my life man! I'm back being friend with your ex gf means there's something to do with you? Means I wanna pull you into the picture? Why can't it be things between she&I? You're just being too sensitive like fuck, seriously. Never in my life I met such a pussy guy like you, you make my life so miserable do you know that? I had enough, really! Hopefully you get aids and die since you loved to fuck around and tasting different cuisine. I really pity all your ex gfs and honestly, I'm happy for them that they left you for the better because you're a total jerk, you don't deserve them at all, never ever!

Also, I didn't expect your mom to be such a kaypoh trying to stir shit and make things worst. Like mother like son, a leopard will never change its spot. I'm fucking glad that my boyfriend is not like you and it's such a disgrace to have you as an elder brother because you're not even fit to be one, I see you no up! And I believe karma is gonna hit you real soon for all your shameless act and I'm being kind enough for not exposing you because I'm gonna let karma handle that. Also, please don't be a coward behind that small screen of yours, and keep complaining to your parents how innocent you are, blah blah blah. Grow some balls and come to me straight instead of going one big round through your dad and my bf. Friends and people around you, know what kind of a person you are. Stop making yourself look like an angel, you're too gross to be one. And nobody will ever believe what you say because a thief will never admit they steal things.

I hereby strictly mark my words, today onwards I'm not going to have any connections with you and your family except my bf. The rest of you jolly well fuck off from my life and last but not least, if you happen to chance upon here, this is for you asshole! _l_