Saturday, June 28, 2014

Curél Sebum Care - Advertorial

Curél - Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin

Singapore, May 2014 – Finding the right skincare for people with sensitive facial skin is a challenge 
for many, and even more so for those with oily or combination skin types. 

“When selecting skincare products, they often settle for the use of lighter products catered for 
sensitive skin, and most of these products do not exhibit effective oil control function,” said Mr 
Koichi Ishida, Curél’s sensitive skincare expert and Global R&D Manager for Beauty Care. 

For this group of people with sensitive facial skin paired with oily or combination skin types, skin 
sensitivity is seen as a greater issue to be resolved as compared to the excess sebum secretion issue. 
However, they might not realise that disregarding the latter when choosing skincare products can 
potentially aggravate skin sensitivity. 

“If excess sebum on the skin surface is not properly removed, over time, the sebum turns into 
harmful substance that irritates the skin surface and even the inner layers, worsening skin 
sensitivity,” Mr Ishida explained. 

So is there any way to tackle both issues concurrently? 

There is!

A trusted skincare brand in Japan developed from over 30 years of dermatological research and 
endorsed by over 4,000 dermatologists in Japan and Asia, Curél provides complete protection and 
frees people from sensitive skin woes with its advanced ceramide care technology. 

Do you know that excess sebum can aggravate skin sensitivity?
A lot of people who have both conditions skin sensitivity and oily skin tend to place more emphasis on choosing products that help with their skin sensitivity.

This is not enough!
 Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants
to cause flare-ups within the skin layers. Hence it is important to choose products that effectively
control skin sensitivity while reducing sebum secretion from the source.

Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, introduces a new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin types. The Curél Sebum Care range comprising a Foaming Wash, Lotion and Moisture Gel offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both
skin sensitivity and sebum secretion.

Dual function for sensitive and oily skin

1. Strengthening skin barrier function 
Understanding the importance of ceramide in skin, Curél has made ceramide the key ingredient for all its products. Its hydrating and penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care is widely recognised by dermatologists in Japan and Asia. Apart from effectively restoring ceramide function in skin, Curél Sebum Care range also protects the skin’s natural ceramide while cleansing, effectively replenishes ceramide and retains moisture. When skin stays supple and fully moisturised, it is better protected against external irritants.

2. : Oil and acne control
Using one of the main ingredients found in royal jelly (10-hydroxydecanoic acid) that is known for its inhibitory effect on excess sebum secretion, Curél developed its unique sebum zero-in control technology, which targets and regulates sebum excretion from deep within the skin to control the root of the problem. Curél Sebum Care range is also specially formulated to re-balance skin at its optimal pH level, preventing sebum from disintegration. Infused with antiphlogistic, an active ingredient that relieves inflammation, the range helps prevent the occurrence of acne as well.


Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash (150ml), $19.80
Ultra fine foam with sebum solvent to thoroughly cleanse dirt and excess sebum while protectng ceramide. 

1. Apply two full pumps directly onto wet skin. 
2. Do not lather. 
3. Gentle massage and rinse off thoroughly. 


Curél Sebum Care Lotion (150ml), $24.90
Non-sticky formula prepares skin for better absorption of moisturiser/essence that is used after the lotion.

1. After cleansing, apply lotion gently over the whole face. 
2. Apply twice daily, in the morning and at night.


Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel (120ml), $34.90 
Liquid based gel spreads easily for speedy absorption into deeper layers of skin without leaving skin sticky.

1. Apply three to four pumps gently over the entire face 
2. Apply twice daily, in the morning and at night.


2 weeks later
As you can see in the before picture my face looks more oilier than the one on the after picture. It really helps to control the sebum and oil. Moreover, it's non scented and definitely the best for sensitive skin! As long as you use the correct skin care product to control the sebum and oil on your face, your skin can also look matt, smooth and beautiful!

Get yours today!
Curél Sebum Care range is available at selected Guardian and Watson’s stores from 16 June 2014.

YAY to beautiful skin!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The big day!

I'm not getting married or whatever, don't judge by the topic! Haha!
If you haven't already know, I did blogged few days ago that I'm going for a major casting. So today, I'm back with half of the good news first! That is I made it to the final, YAY! *clap clap ~ But as for the final result, I have to wait till this Friday. Iyoh, really make my heart itchy eh! Whatever the outcome is, at least I made it to the final out of so many people! Only six people including me made it to the final out of so many hopefuls therefore I felt really thankful and lucky! Be it I'll get this job or not, I really had no idea? Chances are 50-50, and I dare not pint too much hope on it. At least now I can tell myself that I actually can! I hope to bring the other half good news to you guys on Friday!

Best of luck to me!

Monday, June 23, 2014

2 more days!

Last year, I was about to take up the challenge and go for a major casting with a singapore owned company but was so afraid to do so and I've no confidence in myself, keep having all the unnecessary negative thoughts flowing through my mind every now and then. I gave up and feeling darn regret now! So I decided to go for it again in another two days time! Been memorizing hard on what to say and all, hopefully I'm able to bring the good news to everyone here and my close ones. I heard that it's not easy, but I'll give in all my best during the casting on the coming wednesday. I'm already feeling pretty nervous now and can't wait for wednesday to come. Like seriously, I want this to be over quickly so that I can know the results instead of linger here and there everyday. This journey is where it'll change my next chapter of life, my attitude and how I portray my best image at all times representing singapore. I'll reveal what is it till I get in,
so.... do anticipate!

A dream will always be a dream if you do nothing about it.
Till then, xx

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Neutrogena - Advertorial

Deep Clean!

I'm honored, being sponsored two products from Neutrogena from samplestore to try it out. Between the brightening and hydrating cleanser, my first love would be hydrating so I'm gonna talk more on the hydrating cleanser. As many people know, hydrating is very important to our skin!

This cleanser provides effective cleaning (99% impurity removal) and hydration that leaves the face looking
clean and supple. This happens because of use of special water mineral complex.Water mineral complex
consists of the combination of Copper Gluconate; Magnesium Aspartate; Zinc Gluconate and Water all of which are known to improve skin hydration.

Neutrogena® Deep Clean Hydrating forming cleanser.
Texture is good, Smell is good, Lathering is good, basically everything is so good about this cleanser!
It can be easily rinsed off and the after wash feeling is very refresh! And it make my skin smell so nice! It also help to cleaned thoroughly and helped to absorption of other skincare products.

As many should know hydrating is very important to our skin as I mentioned earlier. Especially if you're working as a cabin crew or in an office environment, being in the air or the air condition places for long hours is really bad for our skin. It dries our skin and make our skin look very un-hydrated thus it make our skin look dull and old! For some people who're lazy to do their daily skincare routine should get this hydrating cleanser from Neutrogena because cleanser is the only thing that we use daily!

My first ever experience with neutrogena cleanser was many years ago during my secondary school days and it really improves my skin a lot! Even till now, I'm still using some of their products, which is really good and affordable so if you're thinking of changing skincare products or etc, do consider neutrogena!
Good cleansing is the first and most important step in ensuring long term good health of the skin and long term commitment to healthy skin. Hence a good cleanser is the "True foundation of beauty"

'LIKE' Neutrogena Facebook page


Friday, June 20, 2014

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask - Advertorial

Welcome the new Eye Comfort innovation from Japan! This patented self warming eye mask relieves and 
relaxes your hardworking eyes in just 10 minutes!

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask warms gradually to a comfortable 40℃ the moment you put it on. Lie back and enjoy the soothing sensation of  gentle heat enveloping your tired eyes, and allow the
steam produced to moisten and soothe them!

- MegRhythm is a well-known Wellness brand in Japan whereby it offers a range of product to support the healthy and active lifestyles of city dwellers.

- Common city dwellers’ problems includes stiff shoulders, back pain, tired eyes and insomnia.

- MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is a big hit in both Japan andHong Kong!


Chamomile-ginger aroma
Lavender-sage aroma
 Fresh Rose aroma

Staring at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens for long hours daily overwork our eyes, making it fatigued and tired. Relieve and relax your hardworking eyes with MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask in just 10 minutes! From the moment you put on the eye mask, it is gradually heated to a ℃ From the moment you put on the eye mask, it is gradually heated to a comfortable 40℃, with heat spreading to gently envelop your eyes. Steam produced from the heat moistens the skin area around the eye and relieves tired eyes. Enjoy the de-stressing session, refreshing yourself with brighter looking eyes!

I love how MegRhythm steam eye mask work. It really heat up and brighten my eyes after use. I no longer have tired and sleepy eyes due to work! Eyes is the most important part of all, so do take good care of it!

Look! It really heat up!

Target consumers
- Working females aged between 20 to 49 years old.
- They tend to spend long hours (>8 hours daily) working and staring in front of computers and mobile phone screens.
- With the stressful and busy lifestyle, they tend to have tired eyes and sometimes have difficulty in falling asleep at night.
- They are health and beauty conscious and actively seeking ways to enhance their well-being like doing exercises like Yoga and taking health supplements.

Product Claims
1. Main points: – An innovative self-warming steam eye mask relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes!
– Treat your tired eyes to a steam bath (40℃), soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state.
– Recharge and brighten your eyes now!

2. Sub points: – Eye mask will start to warm up once it comes into contact with air.
– Ear loops allows usage in any position
– Comfortable 40℃heat soothes and relaxes tired eyes
– 10 minutes is all you need to de-stress and relieves tired eyes
– One will feel recharged and refreshed with brighter eyes
– Individually packed for single use and for disposal conveniently

Where to use?
- Relaxation before bed time
- Break in between househole chores and work
- To aid in sleeping while travelling on airplanes
- Tired eyes after looking at the computer

Instagram contest
- Theme: MegRhythmSteam Eye Mask InstagramContest! Stand a chance to win
a Relaxation kit worth $50!
- 10 lucky winners get to walk away with our  ‘Relaxation’ kit worth $50
- Contest ends on 31st July 2014, 2359 hours
- Winners will be selected and announced via MegRhythmSteam Eye Mask instagramon 7th August 2014
- For more information, please refer to  MegRhythmSteam Eye Mask instagram: @MegRhythmSG

How to win? 
1. Follow@MegRhythmSG MegRhythmSG on instagram instagram
2. Share with us a photo of yourself using #MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask in the most unique position and tell us what you like about our MegRhythm SteamEye Mask
3. Tag @MegRhythmSG & hashtag #MegRhythm in your caption

Where to buy?
Guardian and Watsons outlets.

Visit their brand website for more information on MegRhythm Steam Eye mask and to request for free samples Readers may also redeem free samples here:

Good luck!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


EXPERIENCE NIVEA’S REVOLUTION and stand to WIN $500 Shopping Vouchers and $80 NIVEA Hampers! Stay tuned to find out  how you can pledge to be a part of this exciting revolution!
Countdown starts now~

Sunday, June 08, 2014

No Other Meaning

Sunday brunch with my boyfriend at N.O.M, which means No Other Meaning.
As recently their rainbow have been flooding on my instagram feed so I know I have to give it a try since it's like so good and it looks super pretty! Also, it's not very far away unlike some other cafes and what's more, it's not very crowded as well even on a sunday, hur hur!

Taaaaadaaaaaa ~ Rainbow in my tummy!
I had the one in caramel and it's indeed not bad! Worth making your trip down for this piece of pretty rainbow cake. Not only caramel, they have oreo and chocolate flavor too!
I would say their cakes is the best, main course and other food was just average. Good service and pocket friendly as well, will definitely be back again for their cakes! *Location: Macpherson Community Club!

Thank you boyfriend for driving me there!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Friday Night

Spent my Friday night with favorite people at Cineleisure for a great meal, games and movie!
Am so glad that there're so many awesome friends around me!

Thank you my braather for the belated birthday gift! ^^

Felt so loved!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Sweet treats day!

Finally, the long awaited gathering with my wonderful group of friends yesterday at Takashimaya. This gathering is like once in a blue mood therefore all of us were pretty excited as one of them is working base in Shanghai so we don't get to meet up as and when we like and he's not able to be back in sg that often! :( Really appreciate the times when we're together and all of them are older than me, they always gave me really good advises! How good to have mature friends around you?! :) Anyway, I knew them from my ex company and I'm glad most of us who left still remain as very close friends till today! Skype is really a good social network for all of us to keep in contact every single day with non stop topics!

What a sweet treats day! Macarons madness!
Thanks to Pig and Honey! (nicknames between us)

Followed by dessert after lunch at PAUL. Their dessert is the boom, soooooooooo good!

More of gathering like this to come real soon! Already can't wait to see all of you again!

Till then!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Beaute Forest - Advertorial

Experience the magic of Beaute Forest with TWICE the nourishment in one mask!

Beaute Forest Q10 & Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask $10.90/box (6 sheets/box)
- Q10 promotes firmer and skin elasticity. 
- Silk protein lightens skin tone and provides deep moisturizing effect for smoother and softer skin.  
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

How to use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes. Gently 
peel off mask and discard. Use 1–2 times a week.

Ingredients: Q10, hydrolyzed silk, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid.
Suitable for: All skin types.

Beaute Forest Milk & Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Mask $10.90/box (6 sheets/box)
- Milk nourishes your skin for smoother and softer skin. 
- Cherry blossom provides nutrients to promote hydrated skin.
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption. 

How to use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes.
Gently peel of mask and discard. Use 1–2 times a week.
Ingredients: Sakura leaf extract, milk protein, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid
Suitable for: All skin types.

Beaute Forest TRUFFLE & RESVERATROL WHITENING MASK $8.90/box (4 sheets/box)
- Trufe extract helps to lighten your skin tone, provides moisture and stimulate skin renewal. 
- Resveratrol helps you to achieve even skin tone. 
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

How to use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes.
Gently peel of mask and discard. 
Use 1–2 times a week.
Ingredients: Resveratrol, Trufe, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid
Suitable for: All skin types.

Beaute Forest WITCH HAZEL & CHAMOMILE SOOTHING MASK $10.90/box (6 sheets/box)
- Witch hazel is a natural astringent and has soothing efects on your skin. 
- Chamomile helps restore skin’s moisture and oil balance. 
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

How to use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes.
Gently peel of mask and discard. 
Use 1–2 times a week.
Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Chamomile, hyaluronic acid
Suitable for: All skin types.

Beaute Forest 2-STEP ALOE & CACTUS MOISTURIZING PACK $9.90/box (4 sheets/box)
Step 1: Aloe and Cactus Moisturizing Mask 
Step 2: Aloe and Cactus Moisturizing Lotion 
- Aloe vera contains various vitamins which provide hydration and nourishment for skin for better elasticity. 
- Cactus is highly effective in retaining moisture for smoother skin. 
- Mask is designed to allow deep moisturizing effect. Enjoy twice the nourishment by applying lotion on 
face evenly after removing mask. 

How to use:
Step 1: After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes. 
Gently peel of mask and discard. 
Step 2: Apply gel cream evenly on face. Gently massage for better absorption. 
Use 1–2 times a week.

Mask: Catus, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid.
Moisturizing Gel: Catus, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid, Marine collagen, Vitamin B3
Suitable for: All skin types.

What I meant by Step 2? Refer to the picture above. For the green and blue one, there's actually 2 steps. Just simple tear mask packaging into two!

Redeem a free Beaute Forest Q10 & Silk Protein Fine Fairness mask sample on Sample Store:

'LIKE' Watsons Sg Facebook page: for more information.

Beaute Forest facial masks is available at any Watsons store!


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Collection Primer - Advertorial

1 step to flawless skin complexion!
COLLECTION Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

The silky formula provides a light coverage for a flawless complexion and a noticeably natural finish. A 
soothing makeup base, it minimizes pore problems, smoothes uneven skin and hides unsightly
blemishes for the perfect base.

Collection and Ready Soothing Make up Primer preps the skin, providing a beautiful base for easier make up application and ensures your make up remains intact throughout the day.

Preened perfection is just one step away with the COLLECTION Smoothing make up primer, as it seeks to minimize problem pores, smooth uneven skin and hide unsightly blemishes.

This multi-tasking primer makes make up application effortless and keeps your complexion smooth and flawless all day! Whether you're blending foundation, securing sumptuous lip, experimenting eye colors or going bold with blusher, you can be confident that your canvas will remain crystal clear!

I really love how this primer work on my skin! Because I've oily skin and I always have to touch up my make up every 4 to 5 hours each time when I'm having my make up on. Now that I'm using this primer before I apply my make up, I no longer need to touch up even at the end of the day! Shine free, silky and mattifying, really amazing! And my blusher and eyeshadow doesn't smudge so easily and colors stay throughout the day as well! You can either wear alone or under foundation for a flawless complexion.


'LIKE' Collection Sg Facebook page:
for  more information.

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer @ $16.90 / 18ml
Available in selected Watsons stores, BHG, the newly renovated BHG Bugis and Collection
pop-up store in Cineleisure, Level 2.

Hurry and get yours today! ^^

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

#RebecceMinkoff 'Mini Mac in Hot Red! 

Red is gonna be my next favorite color? Hehe!
All thanks to my boyfriend for getting this red baby for me!

Do not judge by its name - mini mac. Because it's not mini at all! It can fit quite a number things and I'm really amazed by it! It can fit my small wallet, camera, handphone, foundation, tissue, sunglasses and there's still space! Tell me, how to not this mini mac? Days when I'm lazy to carry big heavy bags, this bag is really the best option be it for the day or night, weekend or weekdays. Now that I got this sling bag, I made her my every weekends bag. Detachable shoulder chain strap for crossbody and the gunmetal hardware is not silver, but a slightly darker color which looks like chanel boy's one la! Hahaha!

People who know me well knows that I don't buy black color bags, because I find that black is boring. Not only black can matches every of your outfit, it depends on how you see and match it actually. So far, I find no problem in matching my bags with any of the outfit I wear. Especially the one in orange. You know? If you're following me on my Instagram, you'll know! :)

Am so in love with this bag and I believe many of you felt the same. People have been asking me where did I get this bag because Singapore doesn't bring in this brand yet. Yup, this brand is not available in Singapore yet but don't worry, you don't have to buy a ticket and fly over to other countries to get it because some luxury shops in sg do bring in this brand! Check out:

I know some people bought this bag at Shopbob as well, but that's only by courier. So if you wanna feel it in person and get it on the spot without any wait, be sure to check out their outlets. They have a few outlets in sg, click on the link that I provided and it will direct you to their official website. I went to their main boutique to get this new baby as I'm afraid that other outlets might not have the color I want, super kiasu! Haha! And what's more, they're having SALES right now!!! OMG, MADNESS! So if you're planing to get a sling bag or any other brand bags, accessories, etc. What're you waiting for?!

Doorstep Luxury Boutique (Main Store)
163 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068616
Tel: +65 6238 5582
Mon - Thur: 11am to 8pm
Fri: 11am to 8:30pm
Sat: 11am to 5pm
Sun/Public holidays: Closed*
If you know where is My Awesome Cafe, Doorstep Luxury boutique is just opposite the street! :)
If you find it complicated to get there, then you might wanna check out their outlets at Tangs.
If you're lazy to travel, then jolly well order online and WAITTTT! hehe ~
Anyway, for such gorgeous bag full of pros with no cons, no IF(S) la please! Buy buy buy!

This is not an advertorial. I'm just being kind to share the pros and my love for this bag to my readers. - x 

Monday, June 02, 2014

Triple Dry Anti-perspirant Roll On - Advertorial

Triple Dry Anti-perspirant Roll On (2 variants)
$15.90/50ml [Available at Guardian!]

Unfragranced Anti-Perspirant Roll On
Triple Dry Unfragranced Anti-Perspirant is a fragrance free, anti-bacterial anti-perspirant proven to protect against heavy perspiration. Its unique triple action formula responds to your body, working when you need it most to help you stay dry all day. It also has a waterproof formula that allows you to shower and swim without reapplying. Contains ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Fresh Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Ladies Fragrance Roll On
Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Ladies Fragrance it is an anti-bacterial anti-perspirant proven to protect against heavy perspiration and odour from sweat. Its unique triple action formula responds to your body, working when you need it most to help you stay dry all day. It also has a waterproof formula that allows you to shower and swim without reapplying. Contains ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:
Shake bottle. For optimum results apply nightly before going to bed. Wash as normal in the morning.
Once perspiration is under control, you may be  able to reduce application to 3 times a week.

Say bye bye to body odour!


Redeem their retail-sized sample @