Monday, June 23, 2014

2 more days!

Last year, I was about to take up the challenge and go for a major casting with a singapore owned company but was so afraid to do so and I've no confidence in myself, keep having all the unnecessary negative thoughts flowing through my mind every now and then. I gave up and feeling darn regret now! So I decided to go for it again in another two days time! Been memorizing hard on what to say and all, hopefully I'm able to bring the good news to everyone here and my close ones. I heard that it's not easy, but I'll give in all my best during the casting on the coming wednesday. I'm already feeling pretty nervous now and can't wait for wednesday to come. Like seriously, I want this to be over quickly so that I can know the results instead of linger here and there everyday. This journey is where it'll change my next chapter of life, my attitude and how I portray my best image at all times representing singapore. I'll reveal what is it till I get in,
so.... do anticipate!

A dream will always be a dream if you do nothing about it.
Till then, xx