Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blessed 22nd!

I turned 22 years old! ^^
This year, I felt like I'm celebrating my 21st birthday because it was a blast! In fact, every year is because I had a bunch of lovely people around me. Felt very blessed indeed! I'm not into chalet kind of person, therefore I never once had any birthday celebration at chalet. My 21st was celebrated at club Dream, though. They know me so well by not throwing me a birthday party celebration at chalet every year.
So this year, a staycation at Studio M Hotel!

They actually meet up so damn early to prepare everything, decorating the room, buying of foods and drinks and are waiting for me to reach the hotel after my work on last Thursday, 29th May. They waited for soooooo long that they starved themselves by not touching any of the foods at all till I reached! So touched eh ~ hehe! What's more, they are all pretty steady, all of them took off day the next working day which was a Friday. So that we can really enjoy throughout, stay up late and go for brunch the next day!


At the later part, we all changed into pyjamas... yup it's a pyjamas party! : D

They even prepared my set of pyjamas for me, heh heh heh! Of course we don't wear like this at home la, like what I said it's a pyjamas party and their purpose is to dress as ugly as possible with no makeup! They knew me for years and they know I'll never ever take picture or meet people with my naked face and my ugliest side, I would say that this time round they succeeded! All the pictures of me in pyjamas has no make up on and only my grandma kind of specs, hahaha!

When the clock hit 12 midnight (30th May)
What I suddenly heard and saw....

Birthday song followed by their handmade red velvet cupcakes!
So many cupcakes eh, can I make more than 1 wish? Hur hur hur ~

So so so blessed ~
Before checking out, last pretty group picture of us. But first, let me take a selfie! ; )

After checking out, we had brunch @ The Book Cafe!

Foooooooooooooooooooooodie ~
My favorite eggs benedict! But sad to say, this wasn't fantastic :(

Thanks for what you girls had done, really appreciated! So glad that I have the five of you in my life and make my birthday so wonderful every year! Also, not forgetting the big angbao every year as well. I really enjoyed myself, hopefully more of staycation like this to come even on normal days. Now, I'm anticipating for our first yacht trip in July, excited!!!


After brunch, I went home to get a power nap because I was so damn tired that I could
barely stand, wahahaha! Followed by, meeting my two favorite people for dinner and chill out!

Thanks for your gift! You know me so well by getting me what I need, hehehe! 

Didn't manage to selfie with my boy because he's forever a camera shy, but I forgave him because he bought me my favorite bag from Rebecca Minkoff!

Summed up in a nutshell, I had a really great 22nd birthday!
Once again, thanks for all the gifts and well wishes, staycation, dinner, angbao, handmade cupcakes and more cakes from my parents. You guys know who you are! #30thmay