Sunday, June 08, 2014

No Other Meaning

Sunday brunch with my boyfriend at N.O.M, which means No Other Meaning.
As recently their rainbow have been flooding on my instagram feed so I know I have to give it a try since it's like so good and it looks super pretty! Also, it's not very far away unlike some other cafes and what's more, it's not very crowded as well even on a sunday, hur hur!

Taaaaadaaaaaa ~ Rainbow in my tummy!
I had the one in caramel and it's indeed not bad! Worth making your trip down for this piece of pretty rainbow cake. Not only caramel, they have oreo and chocolate flavor too!
I would say their cakes is the best, main course and other food was just average. Good service and pocket friendly as well, will definitely be back again for their cakes! *Location: Macpherson Community Club!

Thank you boyfriend for driving me there!