Thursday, July 24, 2014


August, a brand new month with a brand new career path.
So what I'm gonna be up to in the coming Aug? I guess many of you already knew. Still having those mixed feelings though, and recently there are so many plane crashed news! That really kinda makes me think twice.

18 more days to bond signing...
25 more days to the three months intensive training officially start...

Days goes by, getting nearer and nearer to the day. Cherlyn, are you ready? I don't deny that I ask myself that question every single day and even when my friends ask, I couldn't gave them an answer either.


Majolica Majorca - Advertorial

Majolica Majorca Lash King
Just a single brush stroke away from a breath-taking makeover to ultra-thick, fluffy, king-size lashes!

Improved formulation featuring both superb lash adhesion and clump-free, smooth finishing touch
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Enhanced volumizing effect
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Achieve king-sized mesmerizing lashes with the newly formulated Lash King! Containing 5mm super long fibers, it not only allows you to achieve maximum length, but also maximum volume and fullness with just a single coat. This waterproof formula is also very resistant to sweat, sebum and tears. Formulated with creamy wax and an increased amount of volume-increasing powder for superb lash adhesion and a clump-free and smooth finishing touch contains gentle treatment ingredients for your lashes - Macadamia Nuts Oil, Vitamin E Derivative The acrobat catch brush coats the lashes evenly and ensures excellent lash catching and separation effect. Claim the throne with King-sized lashes now!

How to use:
Starting from the roots, apply while lifting upwards, in a zigzag motion. For lower lashes, keep brush upright and apply while moving tip of brush sideways. This is Lash King’s basic application method.

I applied only 2 layers and taaaaadaaaaa... 100% real lashes, okay!

Long-lasting, waterproof and smudge proof of products after at least 8 hours of wear, very amazing!
Is like, your lashes are standing up looking good all day long!

Majolica Majorca Lash King $25.90.
Exclusively in Watsons stores from 26th June ’14 onwards.


Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #36 (Limited Edition)
The water-based dial-type eye liner allows you to easily draw fine, delicate lines or thick, bold lines with its felt pen bristles. Entice with a shimmering pearl color on your eye line! It is formulated with super fix polymer to give clear and long-lasting eye lines, which is very resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears. Achieve dewy eyes by drawing on the lower lid or a shimmery effect by drawing on the upper lid.

How to use:
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2. Press the cap firmly towards the eyeliner completely until there is no gap.
3. Shake well with the cap on. Remove the cap, gently flatten the edge of the felt-type eyeliner.
4. Turn the dial about 10 times (10 clicks) before using it.

Before every subsequent use,
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 * In the event of excessive fluid delivery, use tissue paper or similar paper to reduce the amount of fluid.

Long-lasting, waterproof and smudge proof of products after at least 8 hours of wear, very amazing!
Is like, your lashes are standing up looking good all day long!

 Perfect Automatic Liner #36 $22.90
Exclusively in Watsons stores.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Siams vs Sg

Be it the siams or sg girls, all guys and girls had their own comments. Sg girls are not jealous over the siams because they're prettier or they have bigger boobs, afterall it's all plastics and at least sg girls look better after plastic surgery unlike the siams, looking like a tranny. And guys surely have yet to met a drop dead gorgeous sg girls. Yup, some sg girls are more demanding and not easily contented as local girls are more financially stable in a way and independent which the siams are lack of. So of course sg girls would expect their partner to be the same as them because, never settle for the less! So never compare sg girls to the siams! Instead, why don't you blame yourself for being useless and no sg girls wants to be with you because you can't provide what they want so you go for the easy way out and look for a siam?

Guys said, the siams are easy, willingly, sweeter, etc. In short, "everything also can." Unlike sg girls, "everything also cannot." Well, one word - slut! Everything also can? What do you treat girls as? Sex toy? Then guys goes like, "find me a good sg girl and I might change my mind?" Hello? Look into the mirror, with your looks and personality of course it's hard to look for a good sg girl whom are gonna be true to you. After all, at least sg girls got a bit of standard in looking for guys unlike the siams, anyyyy guys also can.

And some guys goes like, iyah sg girls are jealous because the siams are prettier. NOPE! If you say that, it means you have not really see the world yet, boy. Example, look at your siam gf, not even pretty at all but looks like an elephant to me, hehe ohsocute ya! -.-

Just be jealous because sg girls prefer a capable guy who earns a comfortable income than a penniless boy, that's why no sg girls want you.

So, it's not that you can't find a good sg gf. Think hard, pea brain.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yacht trip!

My first yacht trip with the awesome people in my life!

@ ONE Degree 15 Marina

We woke up darn early in the morning at 7am as we are told to reach one degree 15 marina club before 9am! Early but worth it you see, even though this trip will be taking places around the six singapore island but hey, first yacht trip with seven years and counting friends ya, of course excited!

If you notice, most of us are in white on our yacht trip. Hur hur ~
Oysters from... the riverbank... or what do you call that? I don't know, and yes... Miss Trina ate it.
Three little girls in the super darn salty singapore sea
Freedom ~~~

Selfie time!

Sum it up, it was definitely a great experience! Would love to go again as it's not very expensive because I believe it will be share among friends? And max is ten pax so each person pays about less then $50? Unless you're planning to book a yacht for your birthday celebration, etc, then duh... you'll have to pay everything yourself or your lovely boyfriend/parents will pay for it. What's more, I find one thing good about the yacht is that it has the portable bbq thingy, they provide fishing equipment, kayaking, jet ski(provided you got license), free flow of pepsi and mineral water with a total amount less than $400 bucks for 4 hours, it's such a great deal isn't it?! So if your birthday is around the corner and you're sick and bored of chalet, this is definitely a great choice to consider!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bio-essence - Advertorial

Tanaka White
4X Anti-Dark Fighters · Win Back Total Fairness 
New and improved: Rediscover 4X whitening now with alpha arbutin.

Singapore, May 2014 – Through much research and innovation, Bio-essence introduces its new and improved Tanaka White range, specially formulated to better address dark spots and uneven skin tone with a reinvented 4X Intensive White Serum containing alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful – so powerful, skin whitening has never been more flawless and effective. 

Walk out of darkness 
Have a fear of the sun because of the damages UV exposure can do to your skin such as photoaging, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone? The notion of beauty is increasingly becoming more focused on whitening products to maintain fairness and even skin tone. Therefore, as we grow more educated about the skin and its damaging causes, we start fearing the sun and the darkness that it brings. However, Bio-essence Laboratories has developed a new and improved Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum with a premium whitening agent, alpha-Arbutin, to help you stride in the sun with fair, cool and radiant skin. 

9X more powerful than before 
Bio-essence first launched its Tanaka White series in 2008 as a basic whitening range to combat initial signs of ageing like dull complexion and to prevent the occurrence of dark and age spots to maintain skin’s fairness. Since its launch, Bio-essence has constantly been improving its formula, incorporating new advanced technologies and findings to continuously be on-trend and meet today’s skincare needs.  

The new Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum is improved and specially formulated with premium alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful than beta-Arbutin, which is typically found in many other whitening products in the market. Arbutin, extracted from bearberry plants and helps to brighten dull and yellowish skin, is a great natural whitening agent that is known for eliminating pigmentation and improving overall skin complexion. It also helps maintain skin’s fairness by preventing the formation of melanin and protects skin against harmful UV rays. 

2 causes of darkness 
Bio-essence laboratories have uncovered the two main reasons behind dark spots formation, freckles and age spots. External factors such as frequent exposure to the sun and harsh elements cause skin to be 
dry and dull, which increases melanin activity in the skin, thus leading to the formation of dark spots and freckles. Then there is also the internal problem of existing pigments and spots that are embedded deep within the skin that cannot be treated and prevented with any amount of sunblock. 
The star product of Bio-essence’s Tanaka White series comes with powerful 4X whitening, as it is aptly named. Bio-essence has innovatively combined the 4 powerful and effective whitening agents,
Tanaka Extract, alpha - Arbutin.

Product Fact Sheet 

Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum *(Star Product)*
Fight Darkness on Outside, Work Fairness from Within.

The 4X Intensive White Serum is a product that meets everyone’s needs. For those battling dark spots or freckles, this serum is the perfect solution to fading away pigmentation. With constant use, spots will gradually fade away to restore a flawless, fairer and more radiant complexion. For those without major dark 
spots problems but seeking prevention and to achieve a fairer even skin tone, the serum helps to effectively lighten skin tone, keeping skin radiant and fair from within while preventing spot formation. 

Active Ingredients: Tanaka Extract, alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, 
Bio-energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence 

Product efficacies: 
- Effectively lightens existing pigments and spots.

- Blocks tyrosinase and inhibits the production of melanin to prevent dark spots
and reduces darkening after UV exposure.

- Evens out skin tone, whitens & brightens complexion.

- Moisturizes and cools skin.

- Skin exudes radiance, revealing a smooth, fair & healthy-looking complexion.

- Skin’s fairness intensifies for flawless fair skin which glows from within. 

Apply twice a day after cleansing. Spread a sufficient amount of the serum evenly onto entire face. 
Then, apply another layer over areas with dark spots & freckles. Use after Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP Deep Exfoliating Gel for best results. 

Suitable for all skin types.
Net Weight: 30ml 
RSP: $45.80

Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20
Visibly reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone. 

The Double Whitening Day Cream comes with SPF 20, Tanaka Extract and Tranexamic Acid to help suppress excessive production of melanin, protects skin from harmful sunlight and repairs skin for instant fairness from within so that skin glows with crystal clear luminosity. Regain bright and naturally fair skin as it
helps repair damaged cells and encourage cell renewal. Uniquely formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, it is lightly textured with a non-greasy formula to facilitate fast absorption while Tanaka Extract helps to keep skin cool.

Active ingredients: Tanaka Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Pomelo Extract, Ginseng Extract,
Angelica Extract, Gingko Extract, minerals

Product efficacies: 
- SPF20 to protect against harmful UV rays.

- Tanaka Extract shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized.

- Contains Tranexamic Acid to significantly brighten and even out skin tone.

- Provides skin with trace minerals and precious herbal extracts such as ginseng, angelica, and gingko.

- Lightens and prevents freckles, dark spots and pigmentation. 

Apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto face until fully absorbed. 

Suitable for all skin types.
Net Weight: 50g 
RSP: $29.80 

 Visible results in 4 days!

After just 4 days, existing pigmentation and spots will be effectively lightened, skin tone evened out and complexion dramatically brightened. Now with alpha-Arbutin that is 9X more powerful than beta-Arbutin, the 4 whitening agents in the 4X Intensive White Serum actively work to fight darkness. As a result, skin exudes radiance with a smooth and healthy-looking complexion that is also intensified for a flawless fair skin which glows from within.

I'm so in love with these two products I'm being sponsored. It really whiten my skin and visible results in four days! As you see the picture above, the double whitening day cream looks so thick, in fact it's really thick! Just apply once and your skin instantly looks fairer and the scent is one word, lovely! Smells too good to be true, you definitely have to try it yourself and what's more, do not judge by the thick cream because your skin is not gonna be greasy after half of a day instead it glowssssssssss, it's really amazing!

If you are looking for any whitening products at a reasonable price and most importantly, products that really work and show visible result instantly, with no doubt yo should really try out Bio-essence Tannka White range. Girls, live with no regrets and YOLO! Girls with healthy glowing fair skin are always the prettiest!

Bio-essence are available at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, SasSa, personal beauty stores
and major supermarkets. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry get yours today!

Free sampling on Bio-essence Singapore Facebook page here:


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Back to basic, dyed my hair back to black after 4 years of brown colored hair. I strongly agree that I do look better in brown hair, or is it that I'm still not use to seeing myself in black hair? Dyed it black because my job requires me to have black hair so I really don't have a choice unless I give up my job, and I'll dye my hair in ash green, hahaha! Also, people always say that I got the "bin chao chao face" (black face), in fact I'm actually very friendly la! So black is really not suitable for me as what many people told me even my hairstylist said so. But I don't think I look that bad with black hair right? At most I'll smile more often? Hehe!

Feeling scared and excited at the same time!

Till then...

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I'm glad, because after so many issues came tumbling like waves from the last few weeks till now, things had finally settled and pretty pleased with the outcome. Din't except things would get even better as all I thought was it's going to be the end. Seriously, things happen for a reason and at times we shouldn't give up so easily and shouldn't get negative influence by peers. People who are just your friends might asked or even force you to give up on something but think about it, after all this is our own damn problem so why listen to them and let them decide our future or the things we want? Everyone is different so we can't expect them to be like us and everyone is treat differently, we see things in all different kind of ways. Sometimes mistakes doesn't just fall on one person but everyone unless you're the real trouble maker who causes everything, if not everyone is at fault. As long as we realize our mistakes and are willing to give in and change so why not another chance? It may be again and again but well, humans do make mistakes so no harm giving chances. I do always believe in giving people chances because one day they'll sure came to realize, because humans has feelings ya, unless you're a cold blooded animals then I really got nothing to say lor.

It's just a matter of time and just open your big heart to forgive la. Spread your wings, don't think and expect so much and you'll live better/happier. Of course, don't let people take advantage of you. We don't live in the pass by bringing hatred along, we live in the present/future, if one couldn't get over it then sad to say that person has got no life. Humans are constantly moving forward and practice to be shape into a better one so the thing is, never live in the past. Even how much you hate someone you''ll have to move on right? This is life and life goes on so we got to live with it. What's more, life would be easier if there're lesser enemies.

Some people do get so close to you out of a sudden like after years be it with motive, jealousy or they mean no harm, I don't know? But ever since few weeks back, I came to realized I'm super naive by always giving my all to people I barely know, I always believe in people so easily without judging and analyzing the situation and cause myself in to deep shit again and again, became a scapegoat and being used without knowing till my friends have to knock me down and wake me up to realize. People happily used me and I happily keep giving which I really regret doing so from the start but well, it's too late to even feel regret now. 

Again, a lesson learnt. From today onwards I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut and mind my own business and be very careful with those "friends" around me. It's like, I'd rather see you die than die together with you, call me selfish but life is cruel. Sometimes being too kind is also a crime in this world, sigh. I'm can be very kind but if you cross my limit then, bye! I'm not trying to blame anyone but prevention is better than cure.


Saturday, July 12, 2014


Spent my weekends with my babygirls when my boy leave me for his bkk trip.

@ Harry's bar

Thanks for being there for me during my down time and I really felt better after ranting to all of you, hur hur! So glad, so blessed, 6 years and counting!


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The good news!

Yup, I'm back with the good news! If you are following me on my Instagram or Facebook, you probably know what the good news is gonna be. So for those who are still wondering what is it, here you go! But before that, refresh yourself with the blogpost that I blogged previously,




Yup, I made it through all process and stages of flight stewardess interview with Silkair last month and I'm selected for the position! I didn't put in much hope at first because there're always voices around me telling me that "I can't make it, it's impossible and it'll be difficult." So, I'm kinda surprised with the end result and I'm prepared to go through all the tough training which will be commencing in Aug at STC.

Can't believe that I'm gonna embark on the brand new career path in a few months time, I seriously hope everything goes on smoothly! The reason why I choose Silkair is because I'm not sure if I'm really really prepared to be outstation for a long time, always flying around, leaving my loved ones every now and then or am I just looking at the comfortable income every month? Been having mixed feelings these few days on whether or not to really accept the offer? Many encourage me to just go for it since I've already made it all the way and it's already almost there! So after much consideration, I decided to go for it. As Silkair flies regional routes so I guess it'll be better and easier for me to adapt? Maybe after the 2 years if I find that I can handle it steadily then I might consider to join SIA? Well... shall see how it goes by then.

 Finally, bidding goodbye to boring office job. YAY! I hate it so much, it's so desk bound and seriously there's noting much to learn unless you're in the marketing or other more interesting department. Also, everyday I have to face all the old bitches and get fucked by them almost every single day, arghhh! But of course, I know that the job I'm being offered for is not easy as well. People might see it as a high class waitress and there are also many rumors spreading around about cabin crews life's in the skies. Yes, we serve foods and drinks like waitress but that doesn't mean that "we are waitress", just that we're in the skies so you called it the "high class". After all, it's just how the way you see it!

Lastly, I hope to learn as much as I could along the way and be shape into a better one, also enjoy as much as I could throughout the 2 years. Thanks to those who gave me your support, giving me plenty of encouraging words, all the great advices and my sweet boyfriend who send me to and forth so many times from my house to the airport on the interview day. I can't be more thankful!
Now, I'm confident to say that I made it!


Monday, July 07, 2014

Nivea - Advertorial

If you're a reader of mine, you should have seen the blogpost about NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner, yea? Today, I'm back to tell you guys more about this awesome products!

Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening) is the convenient new way for radiant soft water-like looking skin every day. It repairs 10 signs of dull & damaged skin while in the shower, a dream come true for Asian women in their pursuit of fairer skin. 

This new addition is an extension to the success of the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner basic range launch in November 2013. Enriched with 50x higher Vitamin C* from Camu Camu, the unique water-activated formula is quickly absorbed by wet skin and deeply replenishes moisture, leaving 
skin feeling hydrated and silky soft, even after towel drying.* vs. lemon extract.

“We have always been at the forefront of skin care innovation and we are proud to look back on over 100 years of skin care expertise. In 1963 we launched NIVEA Milk, the first liquid emulsion that set the standard and was the foundation of our body care history. Now, 50 years on, we are launching the pioneering NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner range which looks set to establish a brand new body care routine,” comments Anna Grassano, International Marketing Director NIVEA Body.


The first rinse-off whitening body lotion for radiant, soft & water-like
looking skin everyday.

Enriched with 50X higher Vitamin C from Camu Camu, this water-activated fuss-free body
conditioner is quickly absorbed by wet skin and deeply replenishes moisture, right after
stepping out of the shower, even after toweling dry - saving you time and minus the sticky after-feel of conventional body lotions.

How to use:
It’s easy-to-use and works in four simple steps:
1. Cleanse with shower gel as usual and rinse of 
2. Apply NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening)
3. Rinse of NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening)
4. Dry of and you can get dressed immediately, enjoying cared-for skin.

My skin feel so smooth like baby skin after shower, scent is really nice and good. Makes my loved ones wanna get close to me and smell me, hehe!


Redeem their FREE sample of NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner via this link: to receive the below sample + brochure to participate in the #NIVEASG #InShowerRevolution Instagram contest to WIN $500 Shopping Vouchers and $80 NIVEA Hampers!

To participate in the #NIVEASG #InShowerRevolution Instagram contest with a photo of you posing with the completed brochure.

The NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner range comprises:

* NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening), formulated for dull skin.
Available in 250ml and retails for $10.90 

* NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner, formulated for normal skin, NIVEA In-Shower 
Skin Conditioner (Intensive) for dry skin, 250ml each for S$7.90, and NEW! 400ml each for $10.90

Available at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, FairPrice Xtra, GIANT, Watsons and 
Guardian Pharmacy islandwide from June 2014.


Sunday, July 06, 2014


Felt very lost recently, had no idea if I'm right for making this decision but I believe in myself because in a relationship it takes both hands to clap. If not it'll never work and it'll always be one sided. I always believe in giving people chances as no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes in life even I do make mistakes. If both party is willing to give it a try again, improve and change for a better, why not? After all, its been 4 years... We definitely don't want things to just end like this. So yup!

For those who gave me encouraging words during this period, I deeply appreciate it. But for those who gave nasty comments like, things don't work, etc... you can rest and case because after all this is my life and I know what I'm going for. And I regret for telling so much about us to whoever because this is between us and it does not matter anyone that I told to. And nobody will encourage me to be back with him, all they do is to make things worst by saying things to make me feel like shit!

After a long bus ride few days back, I've think it through and realized actually I'm at fault too. I always compare my good to his bad, I'm pretty demanding at times and I didn't give him space. Thus, it causes all the unhappiness. I've learnt and I should be a more understanding gf than a demanding bitch who always expect him to listen to me. Everyone around me knows my temper, I can be a damn nasty bitch at times and I don't know why? I just can't control my temper at times. Maybe I'm the only child? And people called that the "da xiao jie pi qi?" He always gave in so much to me, I keep taking it and did not realize that the problem actually lies on me. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistake but it's never too late to realized and change. Yes, I've finally learnt and hopefully to fulfill the job better as a understanding gf.

Till then...

Friday, July 04, 2014


Remembering those days, you held my hand walking down the streets with endless conversation and laughter. Taking one step at a time carefully to love completely, always giving me your best till you have nothing left and was totally drained out. But I know, you still continues to give your best. I felt so lucky, to have someone giving me his all but I've no idea what when wrong, whether the problem lies on me or you or probably the both of us but I'm confident to say that I'm still the old me and it's sad that you're no longer the one whom I used to loved, I miss the old you.

How saddening to hear those words coming from you last night because it totally broke my heart.