Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The good news!

Yup, I'm back with the good news! If you are following me on my Instagram or Facebook, you probably know what the good news is gonna be. So for those who are still wondering what is it, here you go! But before that, refresh yourself with the blogpost that I blogged previously,




Yup, I made it through all process and stages of flight stewardess interview with Silkair last month and I'm selected for the position! I didn't put in much hope at first because there're always voices around me telling me that "I can't make it, it's impossible and it'll be difficult." So, I'm kinda surprised with the end result and I'm prepared to go through all the tough training which will be commencing in Aug at STC.

Can't believe that I'm gonna embark on the brand new career path in a few months time, I seriously hope everything goes on smoothly! The reason why I choose Silkair is because I'm not sure if I'm really really prepared to be outstation for a long time, always flying around, leaving my loved ones every now and then or am I just looking at the comfortable income every month? Been having mixed feelings these few days on whether or not to really accept the offer? Many encourage me to just go for it since I've already made it all the way and it's already almost there! So after much consideration, I decided to go for it. As Silkair flies regional routes so I guess it'll be better and easier for me to adapt? Maybe after the 2 years if I find that I can handle it steadily then I might consider to join SIA? Well... shall see how it goes by then.

 Finally, bidding goodbye to boring office job. YAY! I hate it so much, it's so desk bound and seriously there's noting much to learn unless you're in the marketing or other more interesting department. Also, everyday I have to face all the old bitches and get fucked by them almost every single day, arghhh! But of course, I know that the job I'm being offered for is not easy as well. People might see it as a high class waitress and there are also many rumors spreading around about cabin crews life's in the skies. Yes, we serve foods and drinks like waitress but that doesn't mean that "we are waitress", just that we're in the skies so you called it the "high class". After all, it's just how the way you see it!

Lastly, I hope to learn as much as I could along the way and be shape into a better one, also enjoy as much as I could throughout the 2 years. Thanks to those who gave me your support, giving me plenty of encouraging words, all the great advices and my sweet boyfriend who send me to and forth so many times from my house to the airport on the interview day. I can't be more thankful!
Now, I'm confident to say that I made it!