Sunday, July 13, 2014


I'm glad, because after so many issues came tumbling like waves from the last few weeks till now, things had finally settled and pretty pleased with the outcome. Din't except things would get even better as all I thought was it's going to be the end. Seriously, things happen for a reason and at times we shouldn't give up so easily and shouldn't get negative influence by peers. People who are just your friends might asked or even force you to give up on something but think about it, after all this is our own damn problem so why listen to them and let them decide our future or the things we want? Everyone is different so we can't expect them to be like us and everyone is treat differently, we see things in all different kind of ways. Sometimes mistakes doesn't just fall on one person but everyone unless you're the real trouble maker who causes everything, if not everyone is at fault. As long as we realize our mistakes and are willing to give in and change so why not another chance? It may be again and again but well, humans do make mistakes so no harm giving chances. I do always believe in giving people chances because one day they'll sure came to realize, because humans has feelings ya, unless you're a cold blooded animals then I really got nothing to say lor.

It's just a matter of time and just open your big heart to forgive la. Spread your wings, don't think and expect so much and you'll live better/happier. Of course, don't let people take advantage of you. We don't live in the pass by bringing hatred along, we live in the present/future, if one couldn't get over it then sad to say that person has got no life. Humans are constantly moving forward and practice to be shape into a better one so the thing is, never live in the past. Even how much you hate someone you''ll have to move on right? This is life and life goes on so we got to live with it. What's more, life would be easier if there're lesser enemies.

Some people do get so close to you out of a sudden like after years be it with motive, jealousy or they mean no harm, I don't know? But ever since few weeks back, I came to realized I'm super naive by always giving my all to people I barely know, I always believe in people so easily without judging and analyzing the situation and cause myself in to deep shit again and again, became a scapegoat and being used without knowing till my friends have to knock me down and wake me up to realize. People happily used me and I happily keep giving which I really regret doing so from the start but well, it's too late to even feel regret now. 

Again, a lesson learnt. From today onwards I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut and mind my own business and be very careful with those "friends" around me. It's like, I'd rather see you die than die together with you, call me selfish but life is cruel. Sometimes being too kind is also a crime in this world, sigh. I'm can be very kind but if you cross my limit then, bye! I'm not trying to blame anyone but prevention is better than cure.