Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Siams vs Sg

Be it the siams or sg girls, all guys and girls had their own comments. Sg girls are not jealous over the siams because they're prettier or they have bigger boobs, afterall it's all plastics and at least sg girls look better after plastic surgery unlike the siams, looking like a tranny. And guys surely have yet to met a drop dead gorgeous sg girls. Yup, some sg girls are more demanding and not easily contented as local girls are more financially stable in a way and independent which the siams are lack of. So of course sg girls would expect their partner to be the same as them because, never settle for the less! So never compare sg girls to the siams! Instead, why don't you blame yourself for being useless and no sg girls wants to be with you because you can't provide what they want so you go for the easy way out and look for a siam?

Guys said, the siams are easy, willingly, sweeter, etc. In short, "everything also can." Unlike sg girls, "everything also cannot." Well, one word - slut! Everything also can? What do you treat girls as? Sex toy? Then guys goes like, "find me a good sg girl and I might change my mind?" Hello? Look into the mirror, with your looks and personality of course it's hard to look for a good sg girl whom are gonna be true to you. After all, at least sg girls got a bit of standard in looking for guys unlike the siams, anyyyy guys also can.

And some guys goes like, iyah sg girls are jealous because the siams are prettier. NOPE! If you say that, it means you have not really see the world yet, boy. Example, look at your siam gf, not even pretty at all but looks like an elephant to me, hehe ohsocute ya! -.-

Just be jealous because sg girls prefer a capable guy who earns a comfortable income than a penniless boy, that's why no sg girls want you.

So, it's not that you can't find a good sg gf. Think hard, pea brain.