Sunday, July 06, 2014


Felt very lost recently, had no idea if I'm right for making this decision but I believe in myself because in a relationship it takes both hands to clap. If not it'll never work and it'll always be one sided. I always believe in giving people chances as no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes in life even I do make mistakes. If both party is willing to give it a try again, improve and change for a better, why not? After all, its been 4 years... We definitely don't want things to just end like this. So yup!

For those who gave me encouraging words during this period, I deeply appreciate it. But for those who gave nasty comments like, things don't work, etc... you can rest and case because after all this is my life and I know what I'm going for. And I regret for telling so much about us to whoever because this is between us and it does not matter anyone that I told to. And nobody will encourage me to be back with him, all they do is to make things worst by saying things to make me feel like shit!

After a long bus ride few days back, I've think it through and realized actually I'm at fault too. I always compare my good to his bad, I'm pretty demanding at times and I didn't give him space. Thus, it causes all the unhappiness. I've learnt and I should be a more understanding gf than a demanding bitch who always expect him to listen to me. Everyone around me knows my temper, I can be a damn nasty bitch at times and I don't know why? I just can't control my temper at times. Maybe I'm the only child? And people called that the "da xiao jie pi qi?" He always gave in so much to me, I keep taking it and did not realize that the problem actually lies on me. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistake but it's never too late to realized and change. Yes, I've finally learnt and hopefully to fulfill the job better as a understanding gf.

Till then...