Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yacht trip!

My first yacht trip with the awesome people in my life!

@ ONE Degree 15 Marina

We woke up darn early in the morning at 7am as we are told to reach one degree 15 marina club before 9am! Early but worth it you see, even though this trip will be taking places around the six singapore island but hey, first yacht trip with seven years and counting friends ya, of course excited!

If you notice, most of us are in white on our yacht trip. Hur hur ~
Oysters from... the riverbank... or what do you call that? I don't know, and yes... Miss Trina ate it.
Three little girls in the super darn salty singapore sea
Freedom ~~~

Selfie time!

Sum it up, it was definitely a great experience! Would love to go again as it's not very expensive because I believe it will be share among friends? And max is ten pax so each person pays about less then $50? Unless you're planning to book a yacht for your birthday celebration, etc, then duh... you'll have to pay everything yourself or your lovely boyfriend/parents will pay for it. What's more, I find one thing good about the yacht is that it has the portable bbq thingy, they provide fishing equipment, kayaking, jet ski(provided you got license), free flow of pepsi and mineral water with a total amount less than $400 bucks for 4 hours, it's such a great deal isn't it?! So if your birthday is around the corner and you're sick and bored of chalet, this is definitely a great choice to consider!