Friday, June 01, 2018

I-Mei Milk Puff


Sample Store is bringing Taiwan to you.
I-Mei is a popular well-known brand in Taiwan! One of their best selling products is the I-Mei Milk Puff.
A crunchy puff with smooth creamy filling. 

  I didn’t expect much, like how could a tiny mini puff taste this good? I opened the packaging without much hesitation, and took a puff out for a look. It was really a mini puff but a rather cute one. I then popped it into my mouth. To my great surprise, it tasted gooood… It slowly melted in 
my mouth and the sweet vanilla milk filling lingered on my tongue.

Freeze it for an hour and it taste like white chocolates mini puff 

Suitable for all ages at any occasion. Ready to eat. Store in cool and dry place

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